Detoxing your way through January with Bella Italia

I dunno about you, but now Christmas and New Year is out the way, all I'm craving is vegetables and salad (I know, who would have thought eh?!).  All the alcohol, sugar and cheese has taken it's toll and my skin is hating me for it and I'm sure my body is too. If you're feeling like I am, then I have just the recommendations for you at Bella Italia to brighten up your body's January blues


What to order for your next meal at Bella Italia...

When eating at any restaurant, it's pretty hard to not order yourself everything off the menu, especially when it comes to eating Italian food. I mean boy, get those carbs in my belleh. I find it extremely hard to pick one thing when there are so many options, and I bet you often find yourself picking at your friends or partners dinner (no? just me?) Well no fret, as I've tested the Bella Italia menu, and I can tell you exactly what to get...


How to make a make-shift desk productive...

How to make a make-shift desk

If you're a renter, especially in London, you'll be pretty familiar with the experience of not having enough space to put everything you want in your bedroom. My room barely fits a double bed in, so having everything I want in there is pretty impossible (I even have to have a rail for a wardrobe, I know, woe is me...). However, as I work in marketing, I often have the luxury of working from home, and of course as I work on my blog on evenings and weekends, I have to have some desk space to work, otherwise my productivity levels are extremely low (at least that's my excuse)
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