A day trip to the Foodies Festival, Birmingham

If you know me well, you know I like food. And alcohol. Quite a bit. Therefore, I’m inclined to go to any event which has any of these things…

As you can imagine, I was thrilled when I was invited to the Foodies Festival* in Birmingham. I booked my train right away, and off I went!  The weather was absolutely glorious, which really topped off the day. I mean, food and cocktails in the sun. What’s not to like?


5 Easy Things I've Started Doing To Make Myself Feel Better

camelbak water bottle

If any of you follow me on twitter, you'll realise I've started (or re-started for the 1-millionth time lol) my health journey.  My aim is to use 10lbs, and I'm already 3 down in a week. It's not even solely for the weight loss, it's just to make myself feel better. My self-esteem has been poor recently, my skin hasn't been great and I've felt even more exhausted than usual. So something needed to change, and with watching Love Island, lets say my motivation is high...  

Anyway, this week I've been doing a few very simple things to make myself feel better, and they've actually worked.

1. Drinking 3 litres of water a day

I've recently purchased a Camelbak water bottle and oh my god is it life changing. Without sounding strange,  the sucky thing on it actually makes drinking water faster a lot easier. Kinda feels like a dummy. Very satisfying. 10/10 would recommend.  I've definitely noticed a difference in my skin, I haven't had a spot at all this week and my scars seem less red. I also feel less hungry, although the peeing every hour thing is driving me a bit mad...



My M.E Story

As it's M.E Awareness day on the 12th May, I thought I should finally tell my M.E story on my blog, and hopefully raise awareness for those who are too unwell to speak up themselves.  I've also kindly shared with you a picture of me severely unwell. No, thats not smudged eyeliner, it's horrific dark circles!  For those who don't know, M.E (also known as CFS/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) is a chronic illness, which effects around 250,000 people in the UK alone.  Although it's known as chronic fatigue syndrome, the symptoms are much wider than that, and more severe than 'just being tired all of the time'.  The symptoms vary from patient to patient, but generally include joint paint, muscle pain, nerve pain, fatigue, migraine, digestive issues, brain fog, insomnia, anxiety & depression, fast heart rate, breathing difficulties, sore throat and sensitivity to light and sound. God, I'm exhausted just writing out the symptom list, ha.
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