Recipe: A Homemade Ginger Sponge Pudding

homemade ginger sponge pudding

Although the weather is slightly warmer now, sometimes you can't beat a nice warm and hearty pudding. Personally, anything with custard and cinnamon is a winner for me so this ginger sponge pudding recipe is a win win! I'm not much of a baker/cooker so I was so pleased to find out this recipe is simpler than it looks, so if I can do it, you can do it! And OMG it tastes incredible. Like comfort in a bowl! So, if you wanna make something as delicious as the picture portrays (and you gotta admit, it looks pretty damn good doesn't it?) then just follow these 8 easy steps:

homemade ginger sponge pudding



How To Feel Confident In Your Summer Wardrobe

Simply Be Fashion

I really struggle with dressing for the Summer, as I'm such a Winter gal.  Give me a chunky knit and leggings over a dress and bare legs anyday! I especially struggle with picking out occasion dresses for friends Birthdays etc as I hate bodycon dresses and I feel that these days nothing suits me!  Thankfully I spotted this gorgeous embroidered swing dress* from Simply Be and had to have it in my basket. It's so 'me' and I feel so confident and comfortable in it. I need more pieces like this in my wardrobe this summer!

Personally, I think to get your own 'Summer Style' you need to pick pieces that you're confident in. Don't necessarily go with what's fashionable or 'in', go with what you're most comfortable with. Personally, I don't like bodycon on me as it shows my belly and hips, which are the parts I don't like in my body. I also don't like strappy tops and vest tops as it shows off my arms. I do however love floaty dresses and short sleeved tops which make me feel more confident. It's all about what works for you!


Get Your Hair Summer Ready With Philip Kingsley

Philip Kingsley elasticizer

It's no secret that I suffer with dry and damaged hair and have tried various treatments to help it. It's 100% due to bleaching my hair, dying it purple/pink/brunette, straightening and curling it but hey, gals gotta do what a gals gotta do!  A key hair brand I repeatedly go back to (when I have a bit more money than usual) is Philip Kingsley. Although a bit pricey, it definitely does its job and is sooo worth the price tag. My fave of all the products is its famous elasticizer*, which now comes in a glorious coconut breeze scent.  I tried a sample of the elasticizer before but was thrilled when this full size version came through my front door. It has a scent of coconut, jasmine and almond and is the most nourishing hair mask I've ever tried, honest!
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