How to make a make-shift desk productive...

How to make a make-shift desk

If you're a renter, especially in London, you'll be pretty familiar with the experience of not having enough space to put everything you want in your bedroom. My room barely fits a double bed in, so having everything I want in there is pretty impossible (I even have to have a rail for a wardrobe, I know, woe is me...). However, as I work in marketing, I often have the luxury of working from home, and of course as I work on my blog on evenings and weekends, I have to have some desk space to work, otherwise my productivity levels are extremely low (at least that's my excuse)


Bella Italia are helping us roll into Autumn...

Bella Italia Autumn Menu

My favourite part of Autumn is the delicious food. You can't beat the warm, fuzzy feeling after a delicious bowl of warm pasta (paired with a glass of Merlot of course) when it's freezing outside. Whoever says different, is so wrong...

So when we heard about Bella Italia's new Autumn menu which is now in all restaurants nationwide, we were so excited. I'm a true believer of the more carbs the better, so a delicious Italian restaurant is my dream.


48 hours in Copenhagen

At the end of May,  me and Alex visited Copenhagen for a long weekend. Personally, it was the perfect amount of time, as we saw everything we wanted to see!  Although expensive, it's definitely one of my favourite cities I've travelled too, and would recommend it to anyone who wants a cultural city break!

We stayed in the most gorgeous, minimalistic Air B&B, which was so good for the money. I think we paid £80 each in total for flights and accommodation, it was just the actual food/drink that was pricey when we arrived. We definitely got the Scandi vibe from it, and it had everything we needed and was located in Norrebro, which is pretty central and quite 'hipster'. 
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