Why exercise is so beneficial for the mind

When we're depressed, we particularly feel tired and lethargic and lack any motivation to do anything.However, by just increasing our exercise levels it can make an enormous impact on our mood as it stimulates the body to produce natural anti-depressants called serotonin. By exercising on a regular basis, it:

 - Makes us feel less tired
- Makes us feel better about ourselves
- Improves our ability to think more clearly
- Helps us think about something other than focusing on other helpful thoughts
- Uses up the adrenaline resources created by anxiety and anger
 - Increases motivation
- Creates a sense of achievement
 - Stimulates the body to produce natural anti- depressants
 - Makes us generally more healthy

 When it comes to beating depression over the long–term, it is argued that exercise is more powerful than medication. It’s not that medication doesn’t work — it does. But exercise does something that medication doesn’t. It proves a new identity to yourself. Each time you finish a workout, you reap the benefits of an increased sense of self–confidence.


  1. I totally need to drill these benefits into my brain to encourage myself to exercise. No matter how important I know it is, it's so hard to find the motivation :)

    Shannon xx | http://www.lotsofloveshannon.com/

    1. It's sooo hard to motivate yourself isn't it!:) xx

  2. I want to start exercising more, but always find excuses. Thank you for this post. I think, I really needed to read this. :)


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