Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig

Personally, this is unquestionably the best book I’ve read when it comes to the topic of depression. The author, Matt Haig, is so brave writing a book that focuses on his own personal experience of depression, and by doing this I honestly think he will help many sufferers and also people who care for those suffering with depression. As I’m a sufferer myself, I know that depression can be an isolating, frightening and misunderstood illness, and I truly believe that this book is able to help a sufferer feel less alone and bit more understood. This book really grasps what depression is like, how it can take over your life, make you feel like you are not yourself anymore and how it really sucks the life out of you.

 Matt describes his own personal experiences with the illnesses, the lowest points of the illness ,what he has done to try and get better, how he has found ways that sometimes help him, and the things that he wants to live for, all with a bit of added humor! I think I can really relate to Matt as he explains that he finds solace through reading and writing, which is exactly how I cope. I still really want to try writing a book one day, so it really was encouraging reading that this helped him. He also recommends some of the books which he read when he was unwell, so I might give them a try next!

 I definitely think it will be also helpful to recommend this book for someone who loves you and is trying to help you with this illness, to help them see it from the inside as well as the outside, it offers some clarity and insight that a person really suffering might not be able to put into words very well for themselves.


  1. This is a lovely little post about this novel... have you read The Humans by Matt Haig? I think it is better than this book but it is fiction rather than a personal experience... :)

    1. I'll definitely put it on my to read list!:)


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