Self- Care Zine and Note to Self Temporary Tattoo Set

I recently purchased this adorable self-care zine from Janelle Silver, after a friend linked me towards her Etsy page. I adore the idea that's she came up with, the zine is beautifully made, and is actually so so helpful anxiety and depression sufferers like myself. I would even say that it's helpful for people struggling with self-esteem issues, or just need a daily pick me up! One of my favourite pages of the zine is the hand illustrated page on PMA, which includes little reminders such as 'you matter and have so much to offer'. I also love how Janelle has included activities for you to do; from writing things you should be grateful for to actually colouring your own stickers! Another of my favourite pages is the self-care ideas, as they're all my favourite things to do to take care of myself. You can purchase this zine here.

Another thing I purchased from Janelle, was the temporary tattoo set. It includes 14 temporary tattoos, with slogans such as 'I'm not alone' and 'Be kind to yourself'. They're really easy to put on, and easy to take off too if you've got work. I think they're lovely reminders of how special you are, and they act are great self-esteem boosters. You can purchase these here.


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