Creating me time for myself..

I've had time to think recently (I know, can be dangerous!), and I've realised I need to create some 'me time'. I've been feeling a little run-down lately, a bit stressed and down in the dumps, and thought perhaps it's because when I'm busy with work,friends and family, I never make time for myself. I thought I'd write a post, on things I enjoy and want to start doing, so when 'me time' comes, I have a list to refer back to.

I used to scrapbook a fair bit when I was younger, and I'd love to get back into it now. I've saved a fair few tickets over the years, and some souveniers etc from my trip to France, so perhaps I should start looking for a book to glue n' stick all of these memories in! I guess it's any excuse to get myself over to Hobbycraft, I absolutely adore that store!

Everyone loves a good ol' Netflix binge? Right?  I've got so many series to catch up on! PLL, True Detective, OITNB, Prison Break, the list goes on..  I'm determined to at least set one night a week for myself to watch an episode or two of something I really enjoy. It'll definitely keep a smile on my face.

Once my toes fully healed, I'm determined to get back on that running machine. I haven't ran, or done any form of excericse in a while, and I can definitely feel it. I need to lose them extra pounds before my Mom's wedding! I'd also like to try yoga- so if you can give me your thoughts on that I'd love to hear!

Pamper Time
I need to set aside a whole night for a pamper night. Face masks, nail painting, hair mask, cucumber on the eyes, eyebrow plucking, the lot. Girls, you know the score. I might even throw in a chick flick and pop some popcorn on!

What do you do in your 'me time'?


  1. I think it's SSOOOO important to have "me time." We all need to take advantage of it before the craziness of kids and work stress!! I really enjoy watching tv and pampering myself. Working on the blog has been really good "me time" as well :)

    xoxo Emily

    1. Yes definitely!:) Yeah I agree, blogging helps me relax too :) x

  2. Taking time for yourself is SO important. I'm an introvert and I literally go crazy if I can't get some time to just destress on my own. It's weird but I find that planning helps me destress and relax.

    Anna | www.emptysundays.com

    1. Yes I totally agree! I love my little organisers x

  3. I'd definitely advice scrapbooking and exercise. You should try watching Youtube videos where you can follow yoga masters do their thing, but I particularly love yoga from the P90X series. Most of their poses are basic so it's easy to do and you'll get the hang of it faster. Then you can move up a level by trying more complicated poses.

    You should also try reading a book. It's one of my favorite things to do when I need a getaway.

    Stay awesome!

  4. Me-time is pretty much sacred to me! If I don't get enough me-time in a week I get pretty sad or cranky! I need a lot of time to myself, even if that's just checking out blogs (like I am right now!)
    My top 3 me-time activities is crafting so knitting or embroidery, reading with a coffee, and my ultimate self-care activity is taking a long bath and pampering myself, with some music on or a move propped up on the toilet ha! It's so important to take time out to be alone, I feel like it's how you get to know yourself best.
    Robyn x

  5. Lovely post. Just recently found your blog. Beautiful x
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin'

  6. These are really lovely ideas! I love full on pamper evenings, and exercise is definitely one of the best mood boosters around :)

    Hazel xx


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