Life Lately

1. Evening drives.  I just had to capture this moment. Look how lovely the sky is?! I wish I had chance to stop and take a proper photograph, but this had to do for now.

2. Reading my favourite blogs. I had a bit of spare time on Friday, so that consisted of reading some of my favourite blogs. This beauties blog is Josie's, she's one of my favourites to read at the moment (and has been for a long time!). She also sells awesome homemade cards, check them out!

3. Listening to records. Neck deep released their second album recently, so I had to add it to my record collection! I don't know what it is, but theirs something much better about listening to an album on a record player than listening to it on your iPod, laptop etc.

4. Drinking beer.  Coventry had their own little Oktoberfest this weekend, so it would of been silly not to pop along for a beer (or two). I loved these little half pint glasses - wish I could of took it home with me!

5. Meditation. I've been trying to fit in a teeny bit more meditation into my daily routines, and my mind is thanking me for it. This book is awesome - definitely the best thing I've invested in!

6. Berry picking. Although it was a rainy day, me and a friend decided to troupse around our local park and go berry picking. Unforunately, there wasn't a lot of berries there, but I managed to grab a few! I found it very therapuetic, and was still nice to get out the house. Maybe I'll make a pie out of them!


  1. Berry picking sounds fun, I'd love to be able to pick fresh fruit for cooking/baking.


    1. I loved it! Yeah that's what I'm aiming to do xx

  2. Great photos. I love how the sky looks when it turns pink always brightens my mood :)


  3. You’re officially one of my favourite bloggers, keep up the great work! xxx

    Ghost Girl Fragrance- Dare to be YOU!

  4. I'm so excited to go berry picking soon, I love making blackberry jam afterwards :)



  5. you might also freeze the berries for winter smoothies :)


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