7 things to do everyday to make you happier

1. Excercise
Even if it's just a little bit. Perhaps go for a quick run around the block, do a yoga session, do a youtube workout video, or even a walk around your local park. Anything, it really does help increase your endorphins!

2. Write
Write in a journal/diary, write a blog post, or write an email or letter to an old friend. I find writing really helps me, as it completely occupies my mind and gets rid of any negative thoughts I might be having.

3. Read
Read a new book, read a blog, or even re-read an old book!  I find reading occupies my mind aswell, it makes me get lost into a new little world. I even find reading factual books makes me feel more content, as I feel like I've learnt something.

4. Clean
This is probably the only one you'll own moan at, but trust me, it really does help. Whether it's cleaning your whole house, just sticking a wash on, emptying the dishwasher or de-cluttering your room.  It'll all make you feel much better after you've completed it (though, a little more physically tired!).

5. Compliment someone
Compliment your family, friends, other half or even a random stranger on the street. Wether it's a physical compliment, or a personality compliment, that person will feel 10 times better about them selves. And you know what? So will you! Knowing that someone else is happy, and that your actions has made them happy, makes you feel better about yourself too.

6. Go a whole hour without a phone/laptop/tablet/tv
I know in this day and age, it's very hard to go without any of these above items. But if you just turn them up for a hour a day, it'll make you appreciate life more. You'll converse with your family/friends more, you'll educate yourself with books, you'll observe your surroundings, and you'll even get some 'me time' that you've wanted!

7. Listen to music
I find just sticking spotify on, and listening to the pre-created playlists, really puts a smile on my face. You can literally get a playlist for any mood you're in; sad, happy, excited, chilled, tired. Sticking on a chilled playlist when I'm feeling a little anxious, really helps calm me down.

What do you do, to make you happy?


  1. You are so right. And some of these things take so little time, but have a big payoff. Good reminder as I start the week!

  2. these are really good suggestions...even the cleaning bit! #6 would be my biggest challenge. :o

  3. Love all of these suggestions!! As a mom to two little toddlers (and pregnant with third), I find that I have to do something for ME every day...even if it's just listening to my audiobook while cooking dinner. And while it's tough to clean with two little ones under foot, I agree that it does make a difference. I've been trying to tidy up the kitchen after they've gone to bed...clear everything off the counters...and it makes the morning so much more pleasant!

  4. these are good. Number 6 is sooo hard >_< I'm involuntarily disconnected here in Africa while on a medical rotation at an HIV clinic since we blackout a lot and it's nuts how addicted to electronics we are. Life is def more peaceful

  5. These are such good tips, I really should take notice of them and try them. Especially exercising and cleaning, so glad you made this post x

    Lucy | www.foreverseptemberr.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Exercising is one of the best things to do ever:) Aw, thank you x

  6. I totally agree and do most of these myself. I am a BIG believe in the power of exercise. It helps me tremendously with stress!

    1. Excercise is the best thing ever! x


  7. This is a good list. I love to clean, though I'm not sure everyone's on the same page :) I would also add getting enough sleep on this list. That's so important! It helps the body heal and rejuvenate.

    xoxo Emily

    1. Yes getting enough sleep is definitely a good pointer! x

  8. This is a great list! Good reminder for me as well.

  9. Great ideas! Cleaning though...;) I would add meditate and journal. It helps me re-center and re-focus on the things that matter most each day. =)

  10. Love this. I know the phone thing would work wonders for me as I'm absolutely addicted. Maybe I'll go on a little digital detox soon to find out if it really makes me happier :)

    Love, Kerstin

  11. This is such a great list lovely, I especially love to exercise and complimenting someone definitely makes me happy too. I also find baking makes me happy haha!

    Loved this :)

    Hazel xx

  12. So true!! The best of all? You do not need money for almost any of those things!



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