5 Myths about Anxiety

1. It's uncommon 
 Let me just say, this is soooo far from the truth! Like, every man and his dog (okay, not every man and his dog) has a bit of anxiety in their life. No, they may not of been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder etc, but I've realised that most people do suffer from some sort of anxiety. So if you do suffer, you're really not alone!

2. Alcohol and drugs can help Anxiety
Now, I've learnt this the hard way. Kids, don't do it. It won't make you better, it'll just make you 10x worse. I mean, I find that temporarily the booze helps me calm down and gives me a little bit of confidence. But after the drunkeness wears off, my anxiety is at it's highest. Imagine being startled and screaming at your phone lighting up? Yeah, that's me.

3. Some people are just worriers and can't be treated
Though there probably is a genetic component to anxiety, it's not to say it can't be treated and kept under control. Effective treatments, ranging from medication to various types of therapy (like CBT), can help keep anxiety at bay. I know CBT has really helped reduce my anxiety.

4. You can only get anxiety if you are a nervous person
The truth is, anyone can suffer from anxiety. Believe it or not, it is one of the most common mental health problems, with  than 1in 10 people diagnosed with the condition at some point in their lives. 4 million (bloody hell) people in this country also suffer from phobias (which is a type of phobia) which can be an irritation fear of flying, or moths (picked these two cause ya know, I'm scared of 'em both). You do not have to be a nervous person in general to suffer from any of these problems.

5.Having an attack of anxiety can lead to a heart attack
You may laugh at this one- but I actually got asked/got told this one before. Believe it or not, a panic attack will not give you a heart attack. Yeah, panic attacks can be extremely frightening experiences. You will most likely have chest pain, feel breathless, and have a rapid heartbeat. You may even feel like you are going to die because your heart is beating so fast. But besides all this, during a panic attack you are not in physical danger.



  1. So much myths! I agree with you on these♥

  2. You are doing such a brilliant job raising awareness! I feel like there are so many myths and stigmas surrounding anxiety and mental illness in general. The first point is so true - ever since I was diagnosed with anxiety and got familiar with the symptoms, I've noticed how many people actually suffer from similar issues.


    The Late Latte

    1. Aw thank you, that really means a lot :) Glad you can relate x

  3. Great post :) I think it's so important to bring awareness to people that anxiety and even depression isn't that horrible big scaring thing that it's always been made out to be!

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  4. Great post lovely!

  5. I dont suffer from anxiety, but I agree that it is very common. I guess people assume it isn't because it has been only lately that people start talking about it.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  6. Thanks for sharing. I'm not so familiar with it
    Nati (:


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