5 Tips on How to be a Happier Person

These are tips from mental health professionals, so are by no means are my own words, or words that I'm trying to pass off as my own! They're just a collection of tips that I've found and put together for you guys, I hope they'll help as they've certainly helped me!

1. Remember that your negative thoughts are not true. They’re just thoughts.
 "Sadly, many people make the mistake of believing the negative things that their ‘inner voice’ tells them, often without even being aware of their right to question whether these things are accurate! When it comes to mental health care, many people still think you will need to spend years exploring your childhood or past in order to get better. That’s simply not the case nowadays. Catch, challenge, and change negative thoughts.” - Simon Rego, director of psychology training at Montefiore Medical Center in New York.

2. Start your day by reminding yourself one positive thing about your life.
"This can be a small observation like enjoying beautiful weather or something more profound like recognizing you have achieved one step towards a life goal (working in the industry you always dreamt of, have a best friend who you are grateful for, etc). We tend to hold onto negatives a lot stronger than positives so this can be a small way to give yourself a moment to check in with the ‘happier’ thoughts and realities.”
- Jess Allen, NYC-based cognitive behavioral therapist

3. Anyone can benefit from therapy, so consider making an appointment for a checkup.
 "There is a stereotype that many people have about the unique person who chooses to see a therapist. ‘They must be an emotional wreck,’ or ‘they can’t take care of their own problems,’ or ‘they must be crazy.’ That last one is probably the most popular and worst misconception of them all!
It takes a lot of insight and emotional awareness to realize that you want to enlist the services of a trained mental health therapist to get the right help you need. Yes, there are some clients who seek therapy when they are at the absolute lowest emotional point in their lives, but there are also just as many who simply want to become emotionally healthier people to enhance their work and intimate relationships. No problem is too small or large when you come to see one of us. It’s all welcomed because our job is to meet you where you are at in life, not where we or anyone else thinks you should be.”
—Gabriela Parra California-based counselor

4.Don’t think about your work responsibilities at home, and vice versa.
"Be present when present, which requires dropping the guilt. Guilt has no benefits for anyone. When you are at work, stay focused, when you are home, give it your undivided attention. Doing your best in each place will keep you sane and feeling good about your output.”
—Samantha Euttus, work-life balance expert

5.Stop checking your smartphone randomly. Instead, give yourself specific times to catch up on social media and email.
"Most people would be happier (and less stressed) if they checked their phone less. A study of college students at Kent State University found that people who check their phones frequently tend to experience higher levels of distress during their leisure time (when they intend to relax!).
Instead of willing ourselves to just check less often, we can configure our devices and work time so that we are tempted less often. The goal is to check email, social media, and messages on your phone just a few times a day — intentionally, not impulsively. Our devices are thus returned to their status as tools we use strategically — not slot machines that randomly demand our energy and attention.”
—Christine Carter, Ph.D., happiness expert at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Cente.


  1. i loved your post.. it is just too good :)

  2. Thank you so much for this, I found it extremely helpful and lovely to read... I actually got goosebumps whilst reading it, happiness is something I need in my life, I get very anxious and depressed, so reading posts like this really inspire me!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. Aw, this has put a smile on my face. So glad you loved reading the post! x

  3. Great tips, what a wonderful post! These could all really help so much to create a more positive outlook on life.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  4. Great tips! Love the one about social media - you end up spending half your day on your phone and your mind gets too busy if you're flicking from TV to work to blogging to twitter. It's good to concentrate on one thing at a time.

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x


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