6 Ways to Look after Your Mental Health at Uni

As Uni is starting back now, I thought I'd dedicate a post about suffering with mental health problems whilst at Uni. I suffered with severe depression throughout my 2nd year at Uni, and I honestly think if I didn't have the help of therapists, lecturers and flat mates/course mates; I would of dropped out. Hopefully, this post will help you all throughout the year!

1. Seek Help for Your Problems
This is such a big thing at Uni. Remember, you're not alone. Wether that's telling your parents, your house mates, your course mates, or your lecturer; they will help you, I promise. I told my lecturers to start with, and they were so reassuring and helpful (it also stopped them bugging me about my attendance if I physically and mentally couldn't make it out of my bedroom that day). My friends at uni were so supportive, I can't thank them enough (if you're reading this guys, much lovin'!). I also visited the University mental heath/counselling service, and they were also great, but I went home to get my proper therapy instead as I felt more comfortable.

2. Try and force yourself to socialise
This was a hard one for me. When I felt really low, the last thing I wanted to do was to go out of my room and sit with my friends (no matter how much I loved them). But, when I actually did, I felt so much better for it.

3. Try and excercise
I know you've heard it all before, so I won't bore you with it all. But even just 20 minutes of excercise a day can really boost your seratonin levels - and get rid of that horrible mood! I know most Uni gyms give you a year free if you're in halls (that's what I did), and after that they give a discounted fee. I joined a different gym in second year though, as it worked out cheaper at only £17 a month with the student discount! It was even great to just getting out the house or away from the library!

4. Try and cut down on stimulants
 I know as a student, it's extremely hard to do this. But trust me, your mental health will thank you for it. As much as I love coffee, it really does ruin my sleep pattern and increases my anxiety. By cutting down on tea, coffee and energy drinks you will have a much better sleep, and less stress in the long run!

5. Don't drink all the time
Again, this is extremely hard to do as at student. But alcohol can make your depression and even anxiety 10 times worse. It's okay to socialise with your friends over a few drinks, but don't make it a regular habit, as it can lead to other health problems as well as a decreased mood.

6. Keep an eye on your sleep patterns
The first week or so at University will stretch all sorts of boundaries, including how long you can manage without sleep. I'm terrible at this, but napping throughout the day and a poor sleep routine can affect your mental health (who would of thought napping was such a bad thing eh!). I also found getting some fresh air and light in the morning helped me start the day with a smile.


  1. wow amazing blog post!!!! I been following you for a while now and I can always tell you work hard on your blog !!

    keep up the good work !!!

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  2. I loved this blog post! I've just started uni so it's nice to have something to bare in mind throughout the next 3 years in terms of maintaining my mental health - thank you very much.

    Bethany | curlyandwordy.blogspot.co.uk xx

  3. Nice post :)

  4. Good point on cutting down on stimulants. We're stressed enough as it is and, no joke, there have been plenty of times where coffee has made me more anxious than I otherwise would have been. Is it just me or, depending on the day and what seems like base body chemistry, stimulants affect you differently?

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