My week in pictures

1. Las Iguanas
I recently visted Las Iguanas for the first time, and I am in love with the restaurant. They provide options for any dietray needs (i.e vegan, vegetarianism, gluten free etc), and all the food is and looks delicious. They also do 2 for 1 cocktails, to which I was sold by. So yes, I had to have 2 Pina Colada's, it'd be silly not too..

2.Cuttin' n' Stickin'
This may seem like a weird one, but it's actually so therepetuic. My friend Emily came round last Sunday, and we spent the whole day cutting and sticking and laminating. Later on my Mom joined in, and also agreed how thereputic it is. Plus, you're also helping a friend. Win win situation.

3. Lazy (Dominoes 2 for) Tuesdays
After a long day at work, I wanted a lazy evening with an easy watching film and junk food. As it was Tuesday, I ordered a dominoes (2 for the price of 1). I went for a ham&pineapple pizza, which is definitely going to be my new favourite. I also popped on the new Disney film, Inside Out. I absolutely loved this film, definitely going to buy it on DVD when it comes out!

4. Ed's easy Diner
At the weekend, I flew up to Glasgow to see my sister & her financee. I introduced them to Ed's diner (one of my favourite places to eat), and they were thrilled with the juke box! It's such a nice touch, and it only costs 20p a song - which all goes to charity!.

5. Whole Foods
Whilst in Glasgow, we visited Whole Foods. I've been obsessed with Youtuber's Whole Foods hauls recently, and have been so jealous of the fact they have a Whole Foods in their city or near them! So, when Sarah said she had a voucher for Whole Foods, I was so excited to go!  The food is a bit pricey, but the whole store is so unique. Look at all the cool fruits you can get!

6. Public Gardens
It was also nice to visit the touristy parts in Glasgow, including these lovely gardens. The park was huge, and this was only just a little snippet of how beautiful the park was. I wish we had places like this in Birmingham!

I also thought I'd mention my blog header. This was created by the lovely Conor Adams, who does lovely illustrations. So talented! He's open to requests.



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