5 things to do when you fuck up

5 things to do when you fuck up

We've all been there. It's just a part of life. We all make silly mistakes (some bigger than others), you may have pissed off your boss, said the wrong thing, cheated or lied. It's not the end of world, everyone fudges up. But here are 5 tips on how to act, after you've messed up.

1. Apologise.
One of the best things you can do in these situations, is saying sorry. It really is the best policy when you screw up, no matter how bad. If you don't apologise, and act stubborn, it's often seen as insulting. The other person may also think you don't even care (basically, bite your tongue and be humble).

2. Get a reality check.
If you can fix your fuck up, you should be enternally grateful (that doesn't happen often). Although it might have an effect on the people you care about,you can probably resolve this problem within time. Lets face it, you haven’t killed anyone, ruined anyone’s life, or caused anyone major distress (here's hoping).

3. Make sure it doesn’t happen again.
Everyone screws up once in a while,screwing up is inevitable, but it’s what we do to make sure it doesn’t happen again that really matters in the long term. Think about exactly what you did wrong, and really think about what you can do in the future to help prevent that from happening again. Even go to the person who you affected with your screw-up, tell them what you’re going to do to prevent it from ever happening again, and let them decide what happens next. It’s human to make mistakes, but just make sure that you never hurt the person like that again.

4. Take a break.
Go for a walk and take a deep breath. Get yourself out of that environment where it happened (office,home, uni etc). Get yourself out of that negative headspace. Take a solid 15 minutes to gather your thoughts, and begin to think about how you're going to apologise.

5. Be kind to yourself.
Practice a bit of self-compassion following a moment of guilt and sadness over a mistake. You’re human. It’s okay to mess up. Don’t go beating yourself up, and pleaaase don’t dwell on your mistake as it will have a detrimental effect on your mental health or your ability to be yourself. The person you've affected is a human too, so they'll understand and hopefully accept your apology. Take a deep breath, try to calm yourself down, and remember that it isn’t the end of the world.


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