Birmingham: My favourite city

 As you all may or not know - I am actually from Birmingham in the UK. I love this city indescribable amounts, and I know people may slag it off and say it's horrible & the crime rate is high blah blah, but I don't know anyone that's actually from Birmingham who hates it. From the diversity, to the independent food stalls & vintage shops, to the attractions such as the Birmingham Wheel and the new library, and most importantly, the history..

Travelodge/Talented Talkers recently got in touch with me, to see if I wanted to talk about Birmingham and how it's evolved in recent years. Of course I couldn't say no, the evolution of Birmingham is just incredible. You can check out their interactive map here, which is so cool & interesting (and very informative I must say!).  The best fact I like telling people about Birmingham, is that we do infact have more canals than Venice. We once had 160 miles of canals! (only 100 now,sadly), but still, Venice only has 26 miles worth; yet - it's known for its canals, and Birmingham isn't, strange eh?!

One place Birmingham is famous for though, is the New Street Station. I don't know whether its famous or infamous, but either or, it's still widely talked about. When it was first opened in 1854, it was known as the 'Grand Central of Birmingham', and had the largest glas & iron roof in the world! Now, it's the busiest train station in the UK (that's not London of course), and is home to Grand Central (which I'm still yet to visit). I've heard Grand Central is amazing - with so many different shops & restaurants to offer! I'm sure I'll do a blog post on that soon.

One of the places I have been to visit though, is the new Resorts World. I live a 5 minute drive away from it, so of course I had to visit when it opened. I have to say, it's not as amazing as it looks, but there are still some pretty good shops & restaurants there! My favourite shop of all of them, had to be in the Lindt outlet store of course. Lindt chocolate is one of my favourites, and there was so much of it, for such a cheap price! Great for this time of year. I also loved the look of the Prosecco bar and the High Line bar - I'm sure I'll grab a glass of wine in both of those over the festive season. After me and my Mom were all shopped out, we grabbed a bite to eat in Starbucks. I love their menu around the festive season, especially their almond hot chocolate.

Thank you to Travelodge for inviting me to write about my favourite city! If you do decide to visit Birmingham, be sure to visit one of their 13 hotels in the city - to make your stay even better!

Have you ever visited Birmingham? If so, what's your favourite part?

*Sponsored post, in collaboration with Travelodge


  1. Love these photos! Beautiful♥


  2. I've never been, but hope to visit one day. Thanks for sharing your favourites. :)
    Ivona from www.thesmokedetector.net

  3. I've never been outside of London, but definitely intrigued to visit Birmingham now :) x

    Beauty with charm | AVENE GIVEAWAY

  4. This was such an enjoyable post to read! I love how you love your city. I live in Perth, Western Australia, and lets just say some people don't think of it very fondly (saying that Melbourne and Sydney are much more interesting cities with more things to do). But I adore Perth and I think it has so much charm. If you're willing to seek out the best in places, wherever you go, you will always find some extraordinary characteristics.

    Anyway, I'm going to England next year, so am so interested to visit Birmingham now!

    xx Carina

    1. Aw thank you! One of my friends live in Perth, & she loves it! But yes, I've visited Melbourne & Sydney before and they're both wonderful cities! I totally agree! Yes you definitely should! x

  5. One of blogging besties comes from Birmingham so I definitely need to head there some time. Love a good travel lodge too, always so reliable!


    1. Yeah you definitely should - travelodge are such good hotels for their money! x

  6. I still haven't been here yet! A lot have people have said not to bother :/ I'm am sooo in love with Grand Central Station though!!!!! xxx

    1. Yeah I think the only thing worth it there is the Lindt shop & the cinema! & the prosecco bar looks pretty cool too! I still need to go to Grand Central! xx


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