My Festive Week

1// Lush Magic Wand. I've been loving bubble baths recently. So buying this Magic Wand seemed to best thing to do, for a more festive addition to my bath. It makes the whole bath pink, creates bubbles and gives off this gorgeous bubble gum scent. If you like Snow Fairy, you'd love this.



REVIEW: Thread & Beauty's New Lash and Brow Collection

I was kindly offered the opportunity to review Thread & Beauty's New Lash & Brow collection*.  I'm never normally a lashes kinda gal, as I naturally have quite thick, long and dark lashes (I'm lucky I know). But I thought I'd give them a try, as I'm always looking for ways to update my beauty and make-up stash.

The Charleston Lashes are probably the best lashes I've tried. No joke. I'm slightly thinking that they're even a teeny weeny bit better than Eylure's. And in no way was that sentence sponsored, it's my genuine opinion!  I didn't have to trim them down at all, and they genuinely look natural. I love how they just add a tiny bit of volume to my lashes, without looking OTT. Just pop them on with the glue provided, and add a touch of mascara and you're ready to go. I'm wearing them now as I type this, and I can't even feel that they're on my eyes. I'm so impressed. I'll definitely be purchasing these with my own money!

The Sex Kitten Lashes are the type of lashes you'd wear for a night out. Personally, I didn't get on with these as they're a bit too thick for my liking, as I already have quite thick lashes. They made me look a bit like Baby Bop from Barney the Dinosaur. But I'm sure they'd look amazing on others, they're just not suitable for me!

The next item I was gifted is this amazing eyebrow pencil. I don't normally use pencils, as I much prefer eyebrow waxes and powders. But I'm slightly obsessing over this pencil. It really does transform my brows without looking too dark, and I LOVE the eyebrow brush at the end of it. You really can tell it's grooming them.

What do you think about Thread & Beauty's collection?

*This post contains PR samples/gifts. Read my disclaimer for more information.


December goals

1// Finish all of my essays.  I really want to aim to finish all of my essays, and to start my dissertation before the 20th December. So I can fully enjoy Christmas and my 21st Birthday.

2// Drive more. At least twice a week. I'm starting to have the urge to want to drive again, so I want to build up my confidence in the car, so I can have a few wintery trips.

3// Build a gingerbread house. I've bought one from Ikea, but I'm still yet to build it. I want to decorate with all the sweets to make it extra yummy.

4// Decorate my Christmas Tree. I bought a wee Christmas Tree in Ikea, yet it's looking pretty bare. I want to decorate it with little copper fairy lights, and put some red baulbals on it.

5// Have a clothes & make-up clear out. I've realised I've got so much crap in my room that I don't wear or use. My make-up collection is ridiculous. I want to give some of my clothes to charity, and finally use up or give away make-up that I don't want or use.

6// Watch one Christmas film a week. Just because. I'm talking Elf, Miracle on 34th Street, Love Actually, The Holiday. I'm even getting excited just thinking about it.

7// Download Michael Buble's Christmas album. Again, just because. Blasting this every day will make me super happy, I really do love the build-up to Christmas.

8// Bake some festive treats. I've seen so many cool ideas on pinterest, yet I've been to lazy to bake them. I'm determined to bake at least one batch of something though! I'll make sure I post them on here.

What are your December goals?



An insight into how anxiety affects my life

This post has been sitting in my drafts for a few months now, but as my anxiety is at it's worse today, I thought it would be fitting to post it. Ironically, the thought of posting this is making me anxious, but here goes. Some days I can’t get out of bed. Not because I’m physically unwell, but because I’m mentally unwell. I’m too anxious to leave. The thought of having to go outside, makes my heart beat out of my chest. In fact, even talking about it is making my heart beat out of my chest. Everything seems to make me anxious in the outside world. From the littlest thing such as a door slamming, to busy overcrowded cities. I have panic attacks in public, crowded areas, so city centres are a ‘no go’ most of the time. I also have a car, but I rarely drive it. I’m too anxious to get in the car, as I fear I will crash, stall or break down.

I can't have a normal sleep pattern, as I'm up all night worrying about the next thing, or things I may have said previously. I cancel on job interviews, as the anxiety gets too much, and leaves me physically unable to take part. I’ve recently had to drop out of a work placement, because I was too anxious to do a 9–5 job. Not only was I anxious, but it also caused me to have physical symptoms. Symptoms which I still have now, as the doctors believe it could of triggered a condition called M.E. I use to cry every morning before I went, and cry of a night time when I got back. It wasn’t because I hated it, I loved it, but it made me so physically tired. It’s literally crippling.

I also can’t drink alcohol anymore, as it makes my symptoms ten times worse. The interaction between alcohol and my medication, makes me do things that I would never normally think of doing. So until I’m off my medication, the alcohol is a no go area for me. I also have to limit my caffeine intake, as that also makes my anxiety worse and causes me to think abnormally.
I regularly have to cancel on friends, as sometimes even just the idea of  socialising, or being in a crowded or loud place, heightens my anxiety. In turn, this leads to me feeling extremely depressed. I sit and cry, as I want to be normal. I want to be a normal 20 year old, who can drink and go to clubs, who can drink endless cups of coffee, who can socialise all the time, who can live off no sleep, who can hold down a 9–5. But unfortunately, I can’t. I guess the sooner I accept that, the happier I will be.
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