How I've became more productive this January

I really can't believe it's February next week, like what the hell how has it gone so fast?! It only seems like last week it was New Years Eve and my Birthday...  anyways, back to the point of this post. Have you noticed that I've started daily blogging? Probably not, but anyway, I have. I'm so proud of myself for doing this, I've always wanted to do it, and for the first time I'm actually so organised with my blog and my life. I've been in such a happy place recently, and I'm full of energy (except the occasional lovely setbacks CFS gives me). So, I thought I'd share with you all how & why I've been so productive recently.

1// Coffee
Please ignore my weak coffee in this picture, I'm super sensitive to caffeine and I don't fancy sweating and having a heart rate of 140 BPM thanks. I also know that his is such a stereotypical blogger thing to mention, but it really does help. Making myself a yummy Latte each morning, just takes the edge off in the morning and gives me that quick buzz that I need when I wake up.

2// New Notebook
I found this beauty in Home Bargains, and I just had to buy it. How gorgeous is it?! I've been finding making to do lists is so much easier when you have a gorgeous notebook that you're proud of. Plus, it's very pleasing on the eye, helloo Insta pics.

3// Spotify
You can't beat a good Spotify playlist. Like seriously. I find they really perk me up, and get me singing and dancing.  My favourites have to be the Coffee Break playlist or the amazing Independent Women play list (corny, I know, but it's frickin' amazing and so empowering).

4// Waking up Early
This is never a thing I thought I'd be writing down in a million years. But yes, Beckie Eschle actually wakes up early these days. No, I don't wake up at the crack of dawn, but I wake up at 8:30 every single day. I'm so proud of myself (only because I usually wake up around 11:30 and don't leave bed till 12). So the is a massive step for me, I get so much more done and have more time to have 'me time'. My aim is to start waking up at 7:30 everyday, but we will see eh. Don't go placing any bets kids.

5// Water
I downloaded the app Water Logged, and ever since I've made sure I've drank 2 litres of water each day. I feel so much better for it, and definitely have more energy. I didn't realise how much I  needed it till now, as somedays I would only drink about 500ml a day, how bad is that?!

6// Healthy Eating
I'm back on the Healthy Eating hype. I'm tracking my food with My Fitness Pal, and back on the Boo Tea again. I'm determined to lose a stone at least, and I really think healthy eating as helped me concentrate and focus. It really does give you more energy (though, I'm still partial to a good burger and a pack of crisps).

7// Showering
Realised this may sound like I never showered before January. Lolz. I swear I have. I just mean showering in the morning, it helps you know. It really wakes me up and feel a bit more put together and ready for the day. Don't you think?

How do you become more productive?


  1. Love posts like these, they motivate me haha! I love the notebook, it's so cute! And I have the waterlogged app too it's amazing, it keeps me on track! I've started the gym recently and begun healthy eating, I'm hoping I stick with it and see some progress! Is the boo tea really good then and do you see progress? As I've been thinking about buying got I'm just a little weary! Also thanks for the Spotify playlist recommendations, I have Spotify but can't find anything to listen to so I'm gonna check them out! And congrats on daily blogging, that's amazing! Xxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. I know I love it too! Yes same, its reminders annoy me but it helps haha! Yeah definitely I tried it in the summer and I lost 4 pounds in a week! Aw no worries! Thanks lovely xx

  2. I really need to use these points and get myself motivated I've been so not motivated lately it sucks! I'll try following your tips, thanks!

    - Eternalleigh.blogspot.com

  3. I second all of these things, they've helped me become more productive as well - especially getting up early. I used to get up around 11 as well, and I just felt as if I missed so much of the day. Now I wake up around 8 and I get SO much done before 11. It's incredible, it's like - is this what everyone's been doing all along?! Why am I just now starting lol!

    1. Yes! I know what you mean hahah I feel exactly the same!! x

  4. These are really good tips! I don't know how you wake up at 8:30 everyday although i kind of want to do that too. I have both the water app and my fitness pal and i love them! The water app makes me drink more water! Great post girl

    1. Honestly I recommend it!:) Thanks lovely xx

  5. Water always really helps me. I've always drunk loads of water ever since I was little but I try to get through 3.5 litres of water a day now (4 of my sports bottles, it makes me feel great but I run to the toilet once every half hour....)
    I'm enjoying your daily blogging and I'm glad to hear you're feeling productive on a whole recently!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. Hahah yes Im always on the loo too! Aw thanks Jodie means a lot !:)xx


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