My New Years Resolutions

I know I know, here comes the cliche post that pretty much every blogger has written in the past few days. But, I thought I'd jump on the band wagon. I think these types of posts are so nice to read, & it'll be nice to have something which I can keep refering to throughout the year. It'll also be interesting to see in December if I've stuck to them!

1. Become a Daily Blogger
As I'm deferring a year (well, hopefully, still waiting for it to process), I'll have more time on my hands. I've deferred as my health isn't 100%, and I just think I won't be completing my uni work to my full ability if I carry on. Bit gutted but it'll be for the best I guess. I'd really like to try & daily blog, or at least every other day. Blogging is the one thing that makes me happy, & I'd like to keep that up.

2. Spend less time glued to my Phone & Laptop
I know we're all guilty of this, but I feel when you're a blogger you spend more time on your laptop & phone than your average person. I want to have at least 2 hours a day where I leave my phone & computer, and just read, colour or talk to family members. Back to the good old days.

3. Read a book every month
I want to get back into reading again. I used to be a total bookworm, so I want to make sure I read a new book at least every month, if not more.

4. Work harder
As I've deferred my year, I want to write more and more freelance articles and get more of my work out there. Writing is my true passion, so what else better to do than to earn more money from it?

5. Look after myself better
I'm awful for this. I over induldge on alcohol and crappy foods even though I know it makes me poorly. I over do myself and make myself even more sick in the long run. I need to pace myself, and stop with the fast food & alcohol.

6. Start thinking of ideas for my own business
I'd love to start my own business this year. I've got so many ideas, I just need to actually work out the logistics of it. As I have more time this year perhaps this year is the year.

7. Write a draft for a novel
Ever since I was little I've wanted to become a published author, it would literally be the dream. Again, I have so many ideas. I just need to find the time to write them down!

What are your New Years resolutions?


  1. I like these eshfish, they're personal and achievable if you put your mind to it. I hope your doing well beautiful xxx

    1. Thanks lovely, I am thank you & I hope you're all okay too xxx

  2. Good luck with them all! All very realistic and worthwhile. I'm trying to read more this year too, currently a third of the way through David Mitchells BackStory, we'll worth a read if you like him

  3. Good luck with your goals (resolutions).. I also need to stop spending as much time as I do on my phone/laptop :/

    Kirsty x


    1. Thank you! Yes I'm going to try my hardest! x

  4. Those are some great resolutions! I'd love to hear about the books you choose, too!

  5. Just stumbled across your blog and I love it! Your goals are really good and effective ones to strive towards! Good luck!


  6. Great post! Would love daily posts and good luck with the business ideas, that would be awesome!!



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