Whats in my Handbag?

I'm back! Sorry that I haven't been blogging much recently. If i'm honest, I just haven't been motivated. I hadn't thought of any good post ideas, so I thought it was just best to leave it, until I got my new camera sorted & had come up with some decent blog post ideas. So, here I am. I'm going to try and post daily from now on (as it is one of my New years Resolutions!). So, get prepared for your daily dose of Beckie Eschle. 

I always like having a nosey in other peoples bags, so I thought I'd do a post myself. My bags from Kurt Geiger  and was £49. I love it, it fits my Macbook in and all the other essentials.

1// Maybeline Lash Sensational Mascara  - This is hands down the best mascara I have ever bought. It's the only mascara that fully makes my lashes look like I'm wearing falsies. I am in love.

2// Passport -  I've lost my Driving Licence (quite a while a go now, oops), so for the moment, my passport goes everywhere with me. Excuse the foundation marks all over it, I'm not exactly the tidiest & glamorous of ladies..

3// Keys -  These are just an essential aren't they really?  I have my house keys, car keys and Uni flat keys on this Key Ring. I also have my Holland & Barrat and Tesco loyalty cards on them, cause, why not?   I also have my 'Healy' keyring on it, as it's my Nan's maiden name.

4// Tangle Teezer - Although this isn't an official tangle teezer, it does pretty much the same job as one. I've had this for years now, & I swear by it. It never leaves my handbag, as I can just brush my knots out on the go as it's so light and small.

5// Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Glastonberry -  This is a new beauty to my collection. I love it. It's my new favourite winter lipstick, & goes everywhere with me. It's so easy to apply and extra moisturising.

6// Thierry Mulger Alien Perfume -  This has been my favourite perfume since I was about 15. So I'd say its my signature scent. It's so long lasting, and although a bit pricey, it's definitely worth it!

7// Topshop Purse - I got this purse on eBay for 99p, what a barg. I'm so impressed! Although I probably need a new one now, this has lasted me quite a while for a 99p purse.

8//  Rimmel Hide the Blemish Concealer - This is a new purchase for me, but I am very impressed. It's not as good as the Collection lasting perfection, but it still does its job. Would recommend you try it out!

What's in your bag?



  1. In my bag there is change, dirty tissues, 5 pens, some receipts, sweet wrappers, a bottle of water, and my abandoned hopes and dreams

  2. Your bag is so nice! And for such a great price, too! It looks like you could have paid way more for it. You're brave for carrying your passport around with you, though! I would be too nervous to do that!

    My bag has the basics: wallet, phone, the lipstick I wear on the day, spare change... Haha, pretty dull, at the moment! But it is a small bag!


    1. Aw thank you! I know, yeah I really should order my driving licence haha! Ah all you need is the basics though :)

  3. I love your bag its gorgeous - also what a cool purse and such a bargain at 99p, lovely post!

    Lucy | Forever September

  4. I love your bag! I'm so nosey and love these kinds of posts

    emilyclairewrites.com xx

  5. Love these kind of posts! Also love your bag and what a bargain! I have to say though, I'm quite embarrassed about the amount of crap I have in my bag compared to you haha! All my friends call me Mary Poppins lol.. Good to see you back writing hun look forward to seeing more :)

    Love Hannah xx


    1. Hahah I am normally like that, just me on a good day;) aw thanks lovely xx

  6. I love your bag!
    Alicia :)


  7. I love how your passport is covered in foundation hahaha, that is so me! If I did a what's in my handbag, it would honestly just be full of absolute crap...

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. Hahah I know I'm awful for it x


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