How I've Improved My Life in 2016 So Far

1. Getting Organised

I know you've probably heard it all before. But I can't stress it enough! Buying a diary, a blogger planner and a cute notebook has completely changed me as a person. I'm so organised, my mind isn't riddled with lists and I finally feel like I have my life sorted out (kinda). So yeah, deffs get a diary and organiser peeps!



My Trip To Glasgow

This weekend I went to Glasgow to visit my sister Sarah. I rarely get to see her, which is such a shame as we're so close. But, when I do get to see her it's lovely. She really is like a best friend to me! We spent the majority of the weekend colouring in, drinking coffee and eating, but, to me those are the best weekends! Although, when we did get out, we did some pretty fun stuff. Of course, we went to a coffee shop where we both had amazing coffees, and yummy cakes! I bloody love Glasgow. The people are so friendly, the scenery is beautiful and the buildings are amazing!



New Self-Help Book Finds

I was recently contacted by Watkins to see if I wanted to review any of their books. I had a look on their site, and already I was hooked. It's literally a website which is made for me (I think!). I want all their books on their site, as I think they're all ever so helpful! I picked two to start with, and I wasn't disappointed.  The first I read was 'You Can Sleep Well'* by Chris Idzikowski, and I found it so informative. It has different chapters on different sleep problems, so obviously I went straight to the Insomnia section. It told me to get up at the same time every day, and boy has it helped! I'm normally asleep by half 11 now, which is a great improvement to my usual 4/5 AM!



Gratitude Challenge : Week 5/ Something Someone Gave You

This week is all about something someone gave you. So, I'm going to write about the lovely photobook my best friend Catherine gave me for my 21st birthday. It's hands down the most thoughtful present I've ever received, and I know I'll keep it forever!  She left a few blank spaces at the back, so I can keep adding to it throughout the years. How cute is that?



My Experience of the #RealJuiceReboot Challenge

For those who know me, will know I'm not the healthiest of people. I'm starting to change that, by going on daily runs and trying my very hardest not to eat crisps or chocolate. Although I will have the occasional chocolate bar, I think I'm doing pretty well and even lost a few pounds!  I was lucky enough to be asked by Ketchum if I wanted to take part in the #RealJuiceReboot challenge, in partnership with Joe  Wicks aka The Body Coach. Of course I said yes, as I've always wanted to start juicing! I'm a total juice convert after receiving my Phillips Juicer*, I literally use it every day. The challenge basically involves you making a juice every day for a week, that Joe Wicks himself suggests for you. So, I'm going to show you all these juices now!


Little Life Update

Pre-Warning, this post is a bit of a ramble. So, if you don't wanna listen to a 21 year old ramble and chat about her life, then click off. Actually, please don't, kind of need the views lol. I guess I'm kind of writing this post, as I'm feeling rather chipper. I hit rock bottom about a week ago, and I guess it was a kick up the back side. Since then, I've been working my ass off and keeping my self busy. I've been exercising daily, eating healthy (ish) and making sure I get out of the house every day. I'm also taking care of my self more, with a skin-care regime and taking care of my hair. I feel so so much better than I did this time last week, so it really does just prove that everything can get better with time, and a bit of self-motivation.



My Take On Valentines Day

As you all know,  I am single this Valentine's day. I'm not really bothered by this, as to me, Valentine's day isn't a day I really care about or give two thoughts about. Personally, I think you should show your love every day of the year, not just on one day. In my opinion it's just another commercialised day, which I guess is nothing too bad. I'm not saying I never celebrate it, or will never celebrate it, as I have in the past. I guess as I've gotten older, it just doesn't appeal to me that much, and kind of makes me cringe! Doesn't it you? (Or am I just being a cold-hearted witch?).

That being said, in the past I have had a few valentines, and celebrated Valentine's Day (hypocrite much eh?).  Three years ago, I went to Paris with my boyfriend at the time on Valentine's day. It was such a lovely time away, and I can definitely see why Paris is the city of 'Love' and 'Romance'. I'd definitely go there again, for a romantic weekend away, so I'd definitely recommend it! Last Valentine's Day, I spent it in bed with a Chinese takeaway! Me and my (now ex) boyfriend had dinner reservations, but unfortunately the trains were cancelled. So, we decided on a candle lit dinner at my Uni desk and Netflix. To be honest, it was lovely. In a way, I'd much rather that, as it's more comfy, and you get to spend quality time with the person you care about the most! I'd take that over an awkward dinner any day!

I think the hardest thing people face (I know I do), is buying Valentines gifts. I mean, the shops are full of teddies, chocolates and flowers. I suppose it's just hard to get your other half something original and more personal? This is why I love the new 'Send your Heart' App By ASDA*. You can download it on Android OR iOS! It really does add a modern twist to Valentine's Day, and allows you to give a gift to your loved one, that is 100% personal to them and you. The app allows you to send your own heartbeat to your partner, in it's own special message. How cool is that?! All you have to do is press your finger over the camera lens, and it records your heart beat. Then, the app sets it to romantic piece of music, and Bob's your Uncle, your personalised valentine's present is complete. I'll definitely be sending this to a few of my girlfriends for a bit of a laugh! I think it's a funny yet cute twist to Valentine's Day, don't you?

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Valentines Affordable Gift List for you Single Ladies

1. Pamper Me Essentials Set - £9.99
2. New Look Pure Touch Green 100ml Perfume - £12.99
3. Soap & Glory SMOOTHIE STARTM gift set Soap & Glory- £20
4. Barry M Lip Paint - Pillar Box Red - £5.99
5. New Look Green Spiky Artificial Succulent Plant - £4.99
6. Personalised Wine O'Clock Bottle of Wine Glass - £15

Who says Valentines has to be for couples? If you're single (like my good self), you don't have to spend Valentines day moping around, wishing you were with someone! You can spend the day pampering, making yourself look even more beautiful, and indulging in all the chocolate and wine. Sounds perfect to me, doesn't it you? Who needs a partner on Valentines day, when you can celebrate the person you should love the most, you! I hope you like the little collection I put together for you all. 

 What are you doing on Valentines day? I'd love to know!


How Redken has transformed my hair


A few weeks ago, I went to a blogger event at The House of Rush (full post on that here). During that event, I was lucky enough to get a Redken goodie bag full of products for me to try out! I've never been one to use hair products, I'm so crap at looking after my hair. To be honest, it really does show, as my hair was always dry, knotty and in bad condition!  It wasn't until Hayley told me how dry my hair was, and I actually had a chunk missing, that I really needed to sort it out. I was therefore so happy when I saw so many oil & protein based products in my goodie bag!


Monochrome OOTD

I put this outfit together in a rush. And, I blady love it. I've always been a fan of leather skirts, but just never thought to wear them casually with tights and a jumper. I always wear mine to go out out (ya know, to clubs and that).  I think it's such a nice casual outfit, but you can pair it with some heeled boots to make it look a bit more dressy if you're going to the pub or for dinner or something.

The scarf is from Lylia Rose*, and I really think it can bring together all black outfit and make it look like you've made more of an effort than you have. Don't you think? The scarf's such good quality, and they have such a gorgeous array of scarfs and homeware. I'd definitely recommend! I have also been given a discount code for you guys, just enter beckie at checkout to receive a 20% discount with no expiry date!

*This post contains PR samples/gifts. Read my disclaimer for more information.
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