How Redken has transformed my hair


A few weeks ago, I went to a blogger event at The House of Rush (full post on that here). During that event, I was lucky enough to get a Redken goodie bag full of products for me to try out! I've never been one to use hair products, I'm so crap at looking after my hair. To be honest, it really does show, as my hair was always dry, knotty and in bad condition!  It wasn't until Hayley told me how dry my hair was, and I actually had a chunk missing, that I really needed to sort it out. I was therefore so happy when I saw so many oil & protein based products in my goodie bag!
The Diamond Oil* has been such a life saver over the past few weeks, it really locks moisture in your hair, and makes it so much easier to brush through. You simply just put it on after you've washed your hair, or even after styling it for extra shine (not too much though, as it may look a tad greasy!).

The Shampoo* smells incredible, and is so moisturising. I love how with this shampoo, it doesn't dry your hair out, and it actually feels a bit like a conditioner after you put it on! It's full of all the protein your hair needs to repair itself, which is definitely what my hair needs. The Quick Dry Hairspray* really does what it says on the tin, it dries so fast without actually drying your hair out. It holds curls in without giving it that horrible tacky hard hair feeling, it's definitely the best hairspray I've ever tried, and it smells insane!

The One United Multi-Benefit Hair Treatment* is definitely the best thing in the goodie bag. It's been my holy grail, and I'm 100% re-purchasing this when it runs out. I simply spray it on my whole head after washing my hair, and tangle teeze my hair. I can't explain how much this has done for my hair, my hair is no longer dry and un-managable, it literally feels like my hair is back to it's pre-dye condition again.

Have you tried the Redken range?

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  1. Sounds really cool. I love the shampoo that moisturizes like a conditioner. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  2. Ooh these sound lovely! Must give them a go as I am haircare obsessed! x


  3. These products sound so amazing! The hair treatment sounds particularly fab for getting my hair super soft! xo


  4. I got a travel size of a Redken conditioner a few years ago and fell in love, haha! Their products are so effective, they've always surprised me. I'm glad that you've found a range that works so well for you :)


  5. I have only used the oil so far but it has already done wonders for my hair! Redken is definitely going to be my go to for now!! :) XX

  6. My hair gets quite damaged and dry from bleaching so these sound exactly what I need!
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

  7. Glad to hear you found products that saved your hair from a lifetime of danger and nightmares

  8. I've never tried anything from Redken, but it sounds amazing! My hair could definitely use some moisture too.
    xo Kiki

  9. oooh I don't think I've ever heard of these before, and never tried them out, I'd deffo love to though they sound amazing! I'm trying to look after my hair a lot more, I've never really found the perfect products though!! xx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

    1. Yes honestly I would! I never heard of them till this event!:)

  10. They do sound amazing Beckie! My hair is in serious need of a makeover!! Very dry, matted and even after applying conditioner when I was it, it's still just like one big knot :( I may have to look into these. Never heard of them before but like that they're not too expensive and affordable.

    Love Hannah xx



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