Blogger Event at The House Of Rush

 On Thursday, Me, Jodie and Gemma went along to Rush's Hair Gallery event in Piccadilly.  It was great to meet these lovely ladies, as we've been talking on twitter for ages! We grabbed a quick Pret lunch before the event, so it gave us a chance to have a good ol' chin wag. 

When we first walked in, we were given name badges and a glass of bubbly. It tasted incredible, & I ended up drinking 3 glasses, whoops. We then met a lovely man who talked to us all about the Kerastate products (which I will be purchasing at some point!), and he immediately made me feel more comfortable. After taking a few photos of the cakes (how amazing are they!) & products surrounding us, I finally got to sit down and have my hair done! My hair was a state before I sat down, so I was soooo thankful of this.

As we were given the choice between a 'done and undone' look, I went for the 'un-done' look. The lovely Hayley did my hair, and she also taught me how to do it as she went along. My side obviously wasn't as good as hers, but she did a pretty good job of teaching cack-handed Beckie how to create these amazing waves. 

I was so pleased with the final result of my hair, it really did look gorgeous. I can't wait to purchase the wand they used so I can re-create the look! If you want to book yourself in, you really should. I can only speak for the Piccadilly store, but I'm pretty sure every Rush has the same welcoming and trendy vibe. They are now introducing 45 minute styling masterclasses, at £15 a session.

PS - Kudos to Jodie & Gemma for the photos of me, such good photography don't you think?!


  1. Sounds like you had fun! I definitely need some help on styling my hair. xx


    1. I really did! Ah so did I haha! x

  2. I agree the photos are so nice!! Looks like you had a fab time, I really want to go to blogging events to meet bloggers, I've never attended one! Your hair is absolutely GORGEOUS, I have serious hair envy right now haha. And the buns look amazing too (the cravings are unreal) xxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  3. Ahhh you sweetie pie!! Had such a lovely time can't wait to see you for the next meet up! Your hair looked stunning that wand is a must have!! XX


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