My Trip To Glasgow

This weekend I went to Glasgow to visit my sister Sarah. I rarely get to see her, which is such a shame as we're so close. But, when I do get to see her it's lovely. She really is like a best friend to me! We spent the majority of the weekend colouring in, drinking coffee and eating, but, to me those are the best weekends! Although, when we did get out, we did some pretty fun stuff. Of course, we went to a coffee shop where we both had amazing coffees, and yummy cakes! I bloody love Glasgow. The people are so friendly, the scenery is beautiful and the buildings are amazing!

Aside from the Coffee Shops & cake, we also did some exploring. Sarah took me around her old Uni (University of Glasgow), which is literally like Hogwarts. I really wish I went there now, it really does shit on Coventry University (sorry not sorry). We also visited the Hunterian Animal Museum, which was interesting yet a tiny bit creepy. There were spiders and snakes and it just creeped me out a little haha!

We also went to the West End, to which we watched a Comedy show at The Stand (which was hilarious!) and had Indian Tapas. The Indian Tapas was insane - I've never heard to tried Indian Tapas before and it's such a cool idea.  We also went to Buchanan Street, where we did a bit of bridesmaid shopping! After wondering around House of Fraser, we decided it was best to leave as we wanted everything in there!    

 Oh crap yeah - how could I forget?! We both got matching tattoo's! I'm in love with it. It's the sister celtic knot - how cute of us eh? It did hurt quite a bit, but I definitely think it was worth it!

Have you ever been to Glasgow? What did you think of it? How was your weekend?



  1. Your trip sounds amazing! And I love your tattoo :) I love my eating and drinking trips, as well :D


  2. Sounds like you had such a lovely time with your sister Beckie. I've never been to Glasgow but it looks lovely! xo


  3. It sounds like you had such a nice time! I love your tattoo, I keep thinking I want one but I'm too much of a wimp!! x


    1. Thank you! Do ittttt! It doesn't hurt that much ;) x

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely trip, those cakes look so yummy - also love the tattoo such a cute idea!

    Lucy | Forever September


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