Valentines Affordable Gift List for you Single Ladies

1. Pamper Me Essentials Set - £9.99
2. New Look Pure Touch Green 100ml Perfume - £12.99
3. Soap & Glory SMOOTHIE STARTM gift set Soap & Glory- £20
4. Barry M Lip Paint - Pillar Box Red - £5.99
5. New Look Green Spiky Artificial Succulent Plant - £4.99
6. Personalised Wine O'Clock Bottle of Wine Glass - £15

Who says Valentines has to be for couples? If you're single (like my good self), you don't have to spend Valentines day moping around, wishing you were with someone! You can spend the day pampering, making yourself look even more beautiful, and indulging in all the chocolate and wine. Sounds perfect to me, doesn't it you? Who needs a partner on Valentines day, when you can celebrate the person you should love the most, you! I hope you like the little collection I put together for you all. 

 What are you doing on Valentines day? I'd love to know!


  1. Valentines Day is about celebrating love, so you yourself definitely count! Cute post :)


  2. Great post Beckie, these are such lovely picks! :) The Soap & Glory set looks sooo nice xo


  3. Love this! I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day, but with all the chocolates for sale everywhere, how can I not celebrate a little? I took the night to run myself a bath, watch a movie, do my nails, and eat junk food. Yay single ladies!


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