OOTD: Chequered Trousers

I recently went to The Bloggers Hangout BFLW Event where I had the most amazing time (click on the link to read all about it), and I thought I'd dress up a bit for it. As I work from home, my daily outfits consist of tracksuit bottoms or pjyamas. Not very bloggable. So, I thought I'd make my self a bit presentable for this event and the lovely Jodie offered to take some outfit photos for me (which are incredible by the way). So, here they are. Enjoy loves.



The Bloggers Hangout BLFW Event

bloggers hangout

Last Monday I was able to attend The Bloggers Hangout #BLFW event. I'd been looking forward to this event for weeks as I've never attended a Bloggers Hangout event before, and heard great things! As soon as I walked in I felt welcome, and I felt a rush of excitement as I could see a bunch of brands and their stalls! There was such a variety of brands, from beauty brands, health brands, vegan brands, hair brands, jewellery brands and so much more.


My Results With Lucy: 4 Weeks

Results With Lucy

I recently got asked to take part in the Results With Lucy New Beginnings Programme* via the lovely Gemma at Type The Hype. It's a 13 week programme (which is gonna be a huge struggle for me), but already after just 4 weeks, I can see an improvement. I've lost half a stone, and lost 2 inches off my waist! I don't think I've ever lost that much weight after such a short amount of time, and especially not that much off my waist! So excited to see the results after 13 weeks!


A Lipstick Revelation



I'm sat writing this on a train, and I'm feeling slightly travel sick, but hey, I feel like I'm a business woman with a MacBook on my lap, so it's all cool. Please ignore the state of my nails in this picture, I'm awful at nails. Don't judge. I wanted to tell you all about my new beloved. You've probably all of heard of these lipsticks before, as I'm sure I'm late to this revelation (as always). But, I saw a tonne of YouTube videos about how great this lipstick is, and it seemed to work, so I thought hell, why not, and I jumped on the band wagon.


My Top 5 Hair Products for Damaged and Dry Hair

Lee Stafford and Redken Hair

As I've been every hair colour under the sun, you can imagine my hair is in horrific condition. Well, was in horrific condition.  That was until I went to the Rush Hair Bloggers Event a few months ago, and got gifted these two amazing products*.  My hair was so dry and brittle, to the point where I actually had a chunk of my hair missing, yikes!  


The Jewellery I've Fallen In Love With

Jewellery Box

If you know me, you'll know I'm obsessed with jewellery. I wear about 10 rings on my hands, a watch, earrings and a necklace. I feel incomplete without any of it, I don't know why, but I just do, okay? I've been needing some new rings and earrings recently, as my hoops and normal rings are getting a bit boring now.


A productive and happy day


I know it's only 11:17 AM, but I've woke up feeling extremely happy and motivated today. I'm not sure if it's Hannah Gale's new inspirational post, or the fact I had this yummy breakfast this morning (how bloody instagram/blogger is this photo btw). Either way, I'm feeling so happy and ready to tidy and de-clutter my bedroom. I recently got Marie Kondo's book on tidying, and since then I've wanted to de-clutter and tidy my life/room out. 


How To Get Super Smooth Legs

Friction Free Shaving

As girls, we all know the best feeling in the world is to have smooth legs. But, for some reason having super smooth legs can prove quite difficult. A crappy razor, not exfoliating or not moisturising can all lead to dry and stubbly feeling legs. So, I thought I'd put together my top tips to get ultra smooth legs.
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