My Results With Lucy: 4 Weeks

Results With Lucy

I recently got asked to take part in the Results With Lucy New Beginnings Programme* via the lovely Gemma at Type The Hype. It's a 13 week programme (which is gonna be a huge struggle for me), but already after just 4 weeks, I can see an improvement. I've lost half a stone, and lost 2 inches off my waist! I don't think I've ever lost that much weight after such a short amount of time, and especially not that much off my waist! So excited to see the results after 13 weeks!

Results With Lucy

Each day contains new exercises and meal plans, which the option to upload before and after pictures, to see your progress. It's such a good programme, and will definitely be using it after this programme finishes! The exercises are easy to do (to some extent), and are all videos, so they're easy to follow. The meal plans again are very easy to make, and if you don't like some of the meals (i.e I hate salmon) I just substitute it for chicken. 

Have you ever tried Results With Lucy?

*Plan kindly gifted to by Results With Lucy


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  1. This looks so interesting. I wish I could commit to something like this! I actually love Lucy as a role model.

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x


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