5 Reasons Why You Should Take Vitamin D + Giveaway

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I've recently discovered Vitamin D* thanks to Simply Supplements and my lovely sister Sarah. Sarah has been bugging me for years to take Vitamin D, after she unfortunately got diagnosed with MS. I'm so glad I listened to her as I've definitely noticed a difference in the reduction of my joint pain and fatigue that delightfully comes with my CFS.  I'd say you 100% need to in-cooperate Vitamin D into your diet, as it has so many health benefits. You can take Vitamin D in a supplement form like I do, or by sun exposure. Though it's important not to have too much time in the sun!

1. Vitamin D Can Help Protect Against Auto-Immune Diseases
Vitamin D is a potent immune modulator, which makes it very important for the prevention of auto-immune diseases like MS and IBD.

2.  Helps Battle Against Infections
It helps battle against all types of infections, including influenza. It's also been argued that it's more effective to take Vitamin D supplements than get the flu jab.

3.  Reduces Cardiovascular Disease
Vitamin D is extremely important for reducing hypertension, heart attacks and strokes. According to a variety of studies, Vitamin D reduces your risk of a heart attack by 50%.

4. Strengthens your Bones, Muscles & Teeth
This is the one I've found that has made a difference for me. I regularly have muscle pains and joint pain, and I've definitely seen a difference since taking these. If you don't get enough Vitamin D, your body is at risk of developing bone abnormalities such as osteomalacia and osteoporosis.

5. Helps Reduce Fatigue and Low Mood
There's been so much research into this, and results find that a Vitamin D deficiency can lead to increased levels of fatigue and it can even be linked to depression. This is also more common in women.

Impressive eh? It's shocking how many illnesses etc can be helped or reduced by just taking one Vitamin D supplement a day, or even just an hour in the sun. Want to have a chance of winning some Vitamin D? Then enter my giveaway! I've also thrown in a few summer goodies for you (shown in the picture above) for you too!

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  1. I love that St. Moriz tan - so cheap too! X

  2. Vitamin D is so important! I never used to know how important it was in our lives. Especially living in cloudy England haha!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x


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