My 4 Top Tips for Summer Prep

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Now the British Summer has kicked off, I know we're all getting excited to prepare! I love browsing Superdrug and Boots this time of year, as they have pretty much everything you need to make sure you're tanned, moisturised and prepared for the summer ahead. Saying that, I've also discovered Holland & Barrett stock a huge variety of Summer Prep items, which I've been lucky enough to try! Anyway, here's a few tips to help you get started:

1. Exfoliate

Nobody wants dry skin over summer do they? Get rid of all that nasty elbow dryness, elbow crease dryness and even face dryness with a good exfoliator. I love H&B's Dr Organic Morrocan Glow Exfoliator*, which is perfect if you love fake tan as much as I do. A good exfoliation before applying fake tan can get rid of those nasty white patches you get when applying your fake tan. No thank you!

2. Moisturise

Everyone knows that moisturising is key. Wether that's face, body or hair, you must make sure everything is moisturised. I personally love my NAPCA Moisture Mist, as it's so cooling and so blady affordable! But, if I happen to run out, I also love using my Dr Organic Body Lotion*. It just smells incredible, you need to smell it, trust me you'll be impressed! It really helps keep the moisture locked in too.

3. SPF

Wether that's a lip balm, sun cream, or aftersun, you really need to protect yourself from the sun! Nobody wants skin cancer, or bright red sunburn do they? Trust me, you don't! I need at least factor 25 as I burn like a MF, thanks Irish roots..

4. Tan

Personally, I don't like using sun beds as I'm terrified of getting skin cancer, or burnt. So, I use the oh so glamorous way of using messy fake tan. I've used fake tan for as long as I remember, so I don't actually mind doing it these days. Especially after I've tried Dr Organic's Fake Tan, which is au natural! It just makes me feel more confident, and I really do think everything looks and seems better with a tan!

What are your top tips for Summer prep?

* This post is in collaboration with Holland & Barrett. Products marked have been kindly gifted by H&B, but all views are my own.

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  1. Great tips shared. My moisturizer and sunscreen comes in one cream lifecell all-in-one anti aging cream. It peels off dead skin properly and makes the skin soft and moisturized. I use it because it contains so many elements which make your skin soft smooth and nourished.


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