4 Tips on How To Get a Better Nights Sleep

If you're anything like me - you constantly have a battle with the Zs. No matter what I try, I still can't just 'nod off' like any other person. So, a quick disclaimer, these tips haven't completely cured my insomnia, but they definitely do help!

1. Smell

Make sure your room smells delightful. And by delightful, I mean not of dirty laundry and mugs from weeks back. Don't judge, you know we've all been there!  My favourite scent for the bedroom is lavender, and you can find tonnes of lavender sleep sprays in stores. I also love Kenneth Turner's Soiree Room Cologne*. It relaxes me instantly, and the scent lasts so so long and overpowers all those nasty smells. In my opinion, it literally smells like nature. If nature had a 'smell' that is. Another one of my favourites from Kenneth Turner is this gorgeous Indian Spice candle. I'm not a fan of those girly scents so anything spicy and masculine I love.

2. Read

I love a good book. But unfortunately in this day in age, most of us are obsessed with what's online.  Rather than a good book, I usually sit and scroll mindlessly through Twitter or Instagram. But I do find that reading before bed typically konks me out after about 20 pages - I'd highly recommend. Or even better - read a shit book, it'll bore you to sleep.  However, focusing on the good books, I was sent two amazing books by Watkins* (a firm favourite publisher of mine). The first focuses on gratitude, which I believe a lot of us lack. I'm guilty of not appreciating my life, but this book lets you just take a moment and be grateful for everything you have. Similarly, Living in The Moment makes you appreciate your day to day life. Both amazing reads before beddy byes!

3. Tea

In particular, chamomile tea.  Chamomile is made to relax you and help you unwind after a long, stressful day. In particular, I'm lovin' Twining's Detox tea. It tastes surprisingly good and lemony.  Better than the usual bland taste of detox, green teas! 

4. Switch off

Similar to the 2nd point, turning off your mobile, TV and laptop at least an hour before bedtime is crucial!  It stops your brain from stressing and worrying over social media and allows the natural melatonin hormone to kick in and aid a better night's sleep! I find that using my lil' sleep tracker gadget* from Beddit motivates me to switch everything off, as I'm always intrigued as to how long it takes me to fall asleep naturally (without stalking people's Instagram from an hour lolz). It tracks how long it takes you to fall asleep, how much you move when you're asleep and how long you've been in a deep sleep for etc. I love it!

I'd love to hear any more tips for sleep you have? I'm always hunting for new ways to help me sleep better!

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  1. These are great tips, I completely agree with you on number 1. I've just bought myself some pillow spray and it really does help me to relax and start to switch off! XX

    Gemma - www.acrossthispage.com

    1. Ah thanks Gemma! Yessss I have lavender pillow spray too! xx

  2. I have a real problem with sleep too - sometimes it can take me a good two hours of purely lying in bed doing nothing to fall asleep! These are some good tips. I agree with the smell - I burn lavender essential oils in a wax melt to help with that!! I also have started trying to do a quick 15 minute yoga before bed and also I listen to relaxing music on Spotify and set it so it turns off after an hour - I normally find this all helps me nod off within about half an hour unlike my usual 2 hours!!
    I'm also really annoyed that I don't like chamomile tea because i've heard so many people say the same as you that its really good before bed!
    Those books sound really interesting, too!!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x


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