4 Tips On How To Get FREE Beauty Products (Yes, FREE)

I think everyone reading this post knows that getting your beauty products for free is better than a huge discount or sale (in fact, I think its pretty common knowledge eh?). I have hay-ugeeee news though gals, you don't need to stoop to low tactics to get them for free either. All you have to do is follow these easy steps and you can now get all those lusted beauty products for free! You can thank me later..

1. Giveaways, Magazines & Awards

Women's magazines are always chocka block full of freebies. Even random sachets. Start by seeking out free product giveaways, move on to buy one get one free and focus on finding those that are offering free samples on their websites. Combine all of these and you'll soon be filling your make-up drawer with lots of great beauty products (not that I, or any typical beauty blogger need anymore beauty products!). The magazine SELF as an example, also seeks out people who are willing to test out products so you can apply to be a volunteer and get free products to test. So basically in exchange for an honest opinion, you can take home a variety of beauty products and try them out all for
yourself. How blady good is that?!

2. Sample Sites

There are a variety of websites that have free samples for us gals to try! Try typing in Freebies UK* or Free Beauty Samples in your favourite search engine and you're sure to find some great deals. Sign up for future samples as well and you'll be notified when they have more available. Although, like any form these days, bare in mind that signing up for free samples does put you at risk for some spam.

3. Just Ask @ Your Local Make-Up Counters

Check out the local makeup counters and get to know the employees. Ask for free samples and special deals and you'll be surprised at how often you'll walk away with a goodie bag. While many claim that this doesn't work, just as many claim that it does. Likely, it's who you know and how you treat them as to whether or not they like you. Be polite and they may feel that they can't say no. What's the worse thing they can say? Also you can get a 10 day free sample from Estee Lauder by clickinghere. I recently got mine after being intrigued about their foundation - & I am in lovvveee with it!

4. Blogger perks

Beauty writers and bloggers like myself are lucky enough to sometimes receive beauty products to test and write about. If you have a great relationship with PR reps & have a good readership, you just might be able to get a few of your fave products in exchange for a good review. Keep in mind, however, that they don't send these samples out to just anyone. And please just don't start a blog for freebies, it doesn't work like that! The majority of us bloggers work so damn hard, and have been in the blogging game for years. So don't decide you're getting a blog just so you can get some free samples, 'cause with that attitude the likelihood of you getting some is very small!

If you have any more tips on how to get free beauty products, hollaaaaah!

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  1. Great post, I always forget to ask for samples when I make a purchase and I definitely shouldn't be afraid to do so!! :)

    Gemma | acrossthispage.com


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