My November Favourites

I genuinely can't believe I'm writing this post - where has this month & year gone? Allthough, December is my favourite month so I guess I can't complain too much! There has been a lot of faves this month, but  I thought I'd just mention the few faves to stop this post from going on and on and on... So, without further ado, here are my 6 November faves.

1. Reach-Your-Back Tanning Mitt

Yes, you heard it right, a tanning matt that reaches your back! For yeaaars I've struggled with tanning my back. Pulling arm and neck muscles trying to reach my back myself, or running around my Uni flat begging someone to tan my back for me, it hasn't been the easiest of tasks lolz. So, when I was contacted to review this amazing Revolutionary Tanning Mitt* from Bronzie I just couldn't resist! It's so easy to use & has literally made my tanning dreams come true!

2. Leopard Print Make-Up Bag

Firstly, can I just say, this bag has COMPARTMENTS! We all know how much I love compartments in my bags, and this has a front pouch ahhhh! It's perfect for me to put my tablets in when I'm on my travels, just in time for the Christmas Season! The material is a 'wipe-able' material (idk if that's the right term but let's just go with it eh?). The bag, which is from Airee Fairee*, is only £3.50 which is an absolute bargain!

3. Loreal Clay Detox Mask

I heard so many amazing reviews of this mask in the Blogger world, so I just had to go and try it for myself. I wasn't disappointed, the mask made my skin feel the clearest it's ever been, and even got rid of my boyfriends' blackheads instantly! We've tried so many face masks and peels, and this is truly the only one that clears our pores out properly. I'm definitely going to re-purchase this when it runs out!

4. Gold Compact Duo

Now I know I only got this through the post about a week ago, but I'm fully obsessed. 2 of my must have face products (lipstick and powder) in one little case, what more could a girl ask for?! Much to my surprise, this Paparazzi Ready Compact Duo* is by the amazing Joan Collins! The best bit is you can switch up your lipstick as it fits pretty much all of mine - perfect for when you change your lipstick daily like myself!

5. Charcoal Tooth Polish

In this day & age, we all want to know how to get the whitest teeth don't we? I dunno about you, but I've tried gum moulds, toothpaste and mouthwash & nothing seems to budge those yellow stains. That was until I tried this Charcoal Tooth Polish*, boy are my teeth white. Ok I've got to be honest, they're not as white as I was expecting and I'm not a huuuuuge fan of the taste, but it's a hella' lot better than the other things I've tried in the past, and it's very quick & easy to use!

6. Vitamin E Oil

If you know me well, you know I love my oils. Since I was told that oils actually compliment and reduce oily skin, I've been lapping them up. The best bit about this Vitamin E Oil* is that it's 100% natural, AND you can put it anywhere. I put it on my face, hair and nails. The best results I've had is definitely my hair, my hair was so straw-like before, and now it's actually managable! My scabs on my face seem to be fading away too, though idk if that's the oil or just natural healing time, either or I'm impressed!

Have you tried any of these products? What's your November faves?

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Struggling To Get Those Outfit Shots? Try Bidvine!

Find local service professionals

Unless you know a blogger who lives locally that's willing to take your outfit photos for you, they can be a bugger to take. I'm pretty sure all bloggers can relate to this topic. We've all tried to get ways around it though, haven't we? Whether it's a mirror selfie, an outfit selfie or spending hours getting your Mom or partner to take them, the struggle is real. No offense to them, but they just don't 'get it' like fellow blogger friends do, do they? They don't understand the poses, what looks good, the lighting, the background etc. But fortunately for me, Bidvine got in touch to help get rid of that outfit photo stress!  

What is Bidvine?

Bidvine is a site which allows you to hire pretty much everything you could ever want. From a plumber,  a reiki healer, a pet sitter or a software developer, they've got it sorted. My Mum is not too fond of our new little cute Gerbils, so perhaps a pet sitter would be great in the future... Anyway, I decided to use it for photography purposes this time!

How does Bidvine work?

It's actually pretty darn easy. To get some quotes (which can be texted to you, how awesome is that?!) all you have to do is answer a couple of questions to get the best match for you. You don't have to respond to any of the quotes, until you find one that's the perfect match for you. The whole process takes about 5 mins which is amaaazing. You can actually chat to the people who sent you the quotes, and they can send over previous work and their history of customer reviews - so you know that you're picking a good one. 

Personally, I'd 100% recommend Bidvine. It's quick, easy and affordable. It covers the whole of England, so is great to find someone local and build a relationship with them.

Have you used Bidvine? Let me know your thoughts!

*Post is sponsored by Bidvine. All thoughts are my own



13 Things I Want To Start Doing To Make Me Happier

Watkins Books

This post is a bit of a random post, but before sponsored posts and reviews became a big thing in the blogging world, I used to use my blog as a personal online diary & I want to get back to that.  Now my physical health is starting to get a hell of a lot better; I want to focus now on my mental health, in a bid to get myself to the person I want to be! I feel I have all this physical energy, but no mental energy to do the things I want to/need to do. I'm a strong believer of routine, so hopefully, these things  I'm about to list will kick my arse into gear and provide me with a routine to get me motivated for my day ahead!

1. Wake Up Early
Since I'm only in Uni once a week, and the rest of the week I work from home on a freelance basis, I can pretty much wake up whenever I want. Sounds good eh? Well, it's not! I'm now used to waking up between 11 AM and 1 PM, which means I wake up so groggy and feel guilty that I've missed a good part of the day. I want to start waking up at the same time every day, at 8:30 AM. No matter how tired I am, I will drink allllll the coffee and power through.

2. Go To Bed Early
I guess this goes hand in hand with waking up early. When you wake up at 1 PM, you aren't gonna' feel tired till about midnight logically. Which then means you aren't going to want to wake up early the next day...  I really do need to follow my own tips on how to get a better nights sleep don't I?

3. Eat Healthier
Since moving in with my lovely boyfriend Adrian, I must say we've eaten so crap. Takeaways, burgers, pizzas, crisps, chocolate, you name it. It's not very good for your gut, or your brain in that sense. Ya know, healthy body healthy mind and all that jazz. We've been much better as of recent, swapping crisps & chocolate for nuts and fruit; and swapping chips for sweet potato. So, every little change helps! I just need to carry it on!

4. Exercise At Least Every Other Day
When I was living in Coventry for Uni, I went to the gym at least 3 times a week. It made me focus more; I was a lot happier, and my body thanked me for it (I was also about 2 and a half stone lighter than I am now). Although I can't afford the gym right now, I want to make a conscious effort to run around my area 3 times a week in the mornings. I've got all my gear; I just need to make myself do it!

5.  Drink 3 Litres Of Water Every Day
This is such an important one for everyone; you should drink at least 2.5 litres a day! It's great for your skin, mind and body - so I really think 3 litres will help me get my arse into gear and make my days more productive!

6. Take Multivits & Remember To Always Take My Medication

This may sound like an obvious one, but trust me when you have a mental illness & a physical illness, it can be hard to forget or not want to take your meds & vits! Most the time I genuinely just forget to take my meds, but other times I put it off due to the nausea side effects etc. I need just to bite the bullet & take them, as well as my vitamins 'cause I know they'll make me better and have more energy etc!

7. Shower Every Morning
Again, this may sound like an obvious one (and a gross one), but I usually shower of an evening. However, I have found that showering in the morning wakes me up and generally makes me feel more motivated to be productive! It's just the thought of getting out of the warm bed into a cold bathroom that throws me off...

8. Putting Makeup and Get Dressed (properly Beckie, not in your PJS). 

I think when you work from home, you kinda of use that an excuse to not get dressed or even brush your hair...  I find getting dressed into one of my fave outfits & putting on my favourite makeup makes me feel so much better about myself and again, more motivated.

9. Have A Nice Breakfast.

No, I don't just mean a full English breakfast (well, if you're offering). I mean something that makes me happy, like a warm bowl of porridge with a banana, or even peanut butter on toast! Something that's tasty that will fill me up, so I start my day with a smile on my face.

10. Eat 3 Times A Day With Snacks.

I'm so crap with eating. I always forget to eat breakfast or lunch when I'm working from home, so then I feel very lethargic and grumpy and just end up feeling v unwell. If I make sure I eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (with snacks if I'm a bit peckish), I'll be able to have all the energy I need!

11. Play With Gerbils Of An Evening.

If any of you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you'll know I've recently got two ickle gerbils called Bruce and Milky Joe. I lav them to bits, and just playing with them and talking to them raises my spirits and relieves my stresses and depressive mood swings. I need to make a habit of getting them out & handling them every evening!

12. Read

I used to be such a bookworm. I love to read, and for some reason, I've stopped reading as much. I say some reason, but it's because of all this social media stuff that stops me. I used to love getting stuck in a book; I guess it's like a form of escapism for me. Like for example, how cute are these books from Watkins*?! They're such feel good books, and the organiser just makes me so excited to use it next year, eeeek! I've also just purchased a lot of books with my Uni vouchers, so hears hoping I'll be back into it soon.

13. Pamper

Who doesn't love a good pamper eh? Putting a face mask on, deep conditioning my hair or even painting my nails just puts me in a happier, relaxed mood for the evening. And hey, who will ever say no to a pamper evening?

What do you do to make yourself happier?

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10 Reasons Why Smoking Is So Bad For Your Appearance

Smoking Bad For Appearance

For those who know me, know my struggle with smoking and my on-off relationship with cigarette's. It’s took a hell of a lot of self-control and discipline, but I have finally quit smoking and haven’t touched one for around 2 months now! I'm so blady proud of myself. I guess I’m just writing this post, as everyone knows that smoking has negative effects on your health, but as a beauty blogger I’d like to educate you all on how the fags also have a large impact on your appearance as well.  Here are a few pointers from Dr. Kieran Bong, a facial aesthetics expert from Glasgow..

  1. In addition to taking 10 years from your life, smoking can also add an extra 10 years to how you look.
  1. The best way of combating the premature ageing effects that smoking causes is quitting ASAP. This allows the quality of your skin to be reinvigorated and your health to be improved. 
  1. The sooner you quit the better it will be for your health, and a month after you stop your skin will also start looking better.  If you can't quit, then have you thought about trying an e cig*? 
  1. The carbon monoxide contained in cigarette smoke displaces the oxygen inside your skin.  Blood flow is reduced by the nicotine, which leaves your skin discolored and dry.  Many nutrients like vitamin C are also cut by smoking, which helps with protecting and repairing skin damage.   
  1. A chronic smoker will have classic signs of wrinkles and lines on their face, and it is especially noticeable around the corners of one's eyes (commonly called crow's feet) and upper lips. 
  1. Even the act of smoking leads to wrinkles.  According to Dr. Bong, sun exposure and chronic smoking are the two major factors that affect premature skin ageing.  Being exposed to heat from a burning cigarette repeatedly combined with smoking repetitive muscle actions like squinting your eyes so that the smoke is kept out, sucking your cheeks in and pursing your lips can result in the formation of wrinkles around your eyes, mouth and lips. 
  1. It is four times more likely for smokers to have difficulties sleeping - which can result in bags underneath your eyes.  It is believed that the withdrawal of nicotine overnight can cause smokers to toss and turn while in bed.  This results in them having poor sleep quality and leave them feeling and looking tired (this genuinely explains a lot, I used to struggle so much with insomnia!).
  1. The nicotine contained in cigarettes stains teeth yellow.  This is another way of making your look older than you actually are.  White teeth help make you look younger. 
  1. Cigarette smoke contains nicotine, which can stain your nails and fingers (niiiiice).
  1.  It is believed that the toxic chemicals contained in smoke may damage the DNA within hair follicles. That can result in some smokers having thinner hair that also has a result of graying earlier - which will give you an older appearance. 
What are your opinions on the effects of smoking? Are you an ex-smoker? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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* StockPhoto


My New Fave Health Food Subscription Box

Life Box

I find in the blogging world, subscription boxes are very much hyped and I must say I'm very much in this hype! Whether that's Glossybox, Graze or even the newer boxes like Friction Free Shaving, I'm pretty hooked. They make life so much easier, and most of the boxes are very affordable & just 'make sense'. I'm gonna be honest, I wasn't a fan of the Graze boxes. Not because of the idea (the idea is great), just because I didn't enjoy the food. Again, nothing personal to Graze, just personally I didn't like the taste!  After cancelling my Graze subscription, I desperately needed another health food subscription box in my life. Thankfully, I was contacted by Lifebox* to review their subscription box and OHYGAWD I was impressed. The box was full of goodies, and goodies I would never normally try (hello Kale Crisps!) but were actually so yummy. Ngl, the first 10 minutes of looking at this box when it came through the door was spent pulling peculiar faces at the weird foods, but, they were delicious.

Life Box

I found one of the most impressive things about Life Box, is the fact it comes with so many different options. There's the Cleanse Subscription, the Everyday Subscription, the Junior Subscription and a Women's & Men's Subscription box too. They're many more but I'd be here for hours if I noted down all the combinations! The boxes are around £20 a month, which for what's included (picture below) I find is an absolute bargain. Considering most health foods are about £2 per item, I think it's a pretty good deal!

Life Box

Personally, the best bit about the box (for me), is the variety of different snacks, even including drinks, that you can get in this box. I love trying new foods, so this provided me the opportunity to do that without breaking the bank! The box came beautifully wrapped too with a ribbon and a little note/business card. Overall, I'd definitely purchase this box with my own money, and even as a little perk-me-up treat for a friend or family member!

Have you tried Life Box? What's your thoughts?

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