10 Reasons Why Smoking Is So Bad For Your Appearance

Smoking Bad For Appearance

For those who know me, know my struggle with smoking and my on-off relationship with cigarette's. It’s took a hell of a lot of self-control and discipline, but I have finally quit smoking and haven’t touched one for around 2 months now! I'm so blady proud of myself. I guess I’m just writing this post, as everyone knows that smoking has negative effects on your health, but as a beauty blogger I’d like to educate you all on how the fags also have a large impact on your appearance as well.  Here are a few pointers from Dr. Kieran Bong, a facial aesthetics expert from Glasgow..

  1. In addition to taking 10 years from your life, smoking can also add an extra 10 years to how you look.
  1. The best way of combating the premature ageing effects that smoking causes is quitting ASAP. This allows the quality of your skin to be reinvigorated and your health to be improved. 
  1. The sooner you quit the better it will be for your health, and a month after you stop your skin will also start looking better.  If you can't quit, then have you thought about trying an e cig*? 
  1. The carbon monoxide contained in cigarette smoke displaces the oxygen inside your skin.  Blood flow is reduced by the nicotine, which leaves your skin discolored and dry.  Many nutrients like vitamin C are also cut by smoking, which helps with protecting and repairing skin damage.   
  1. A chronic smoker will have classic signs of wrinkles and lines on their face, and it is especially noticeable around the corners of one's eyes (commonly called crow's feet) and upper lips. 
  1. Even the act of smoking leads to wrinkles.  According to Dr. Bong, sun exposure and chronic smoking are the two major factors that affect premature skin ageing.  Being exposed to heat from a burning cigarette repeatedly combined with smoking repetitive muscle actions like squinting your eyes so that the smoke is kept out, sucking your cheeks in and pursing your lips can result in the formation of wrinkles around your eyes, mouth and lips. 
  1. It is four times more likely for smokers to have difficulties sleeping - which can result in bags underneath your eyes.  It is believed that the withdrawal of nicotine overnight can cause smokers to toss and turn while in bed.  This results in them having poor sleep quality and leave them feeling and looking tired (this genuinely explains a lot, I used to struggle so much with insomnia!).
  1. The nicotine contained in cigarettes stains teeth yellow.  This is another way of making your look older than you actually are.  White teeth help make you look younger. 
  1. Cigarette smoke contains nicotine, which can stain your nails and fingers (niiiiice).
  1.  It is believed that the toxic chemicals contained in smoke may damage the DNA within hair follicles. That can result in some smokers having thinner hair that also has a result of graying earlier - which will give you an older appearance. 
What are your opinions on the effects of smoking? Are you an ex-smoker? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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