Looking Back At My 2016

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It's no secret that everyone has pretty much hated 2016. With all the celebrity deaths, Brexit, Trump, new toblerones... But, I'm all about seeing the positives. After all, 2016 hasn't been that bad. In fact, it's probably ended up as one of my of best years so far.  Just to show ya, I thought I'd make a bullet point list of all the good things that's happened to me in 2016!

Went back to University
In November 2015, I decided to defer my final year at Uni. I wasn't very well mentally or physically, so I felt that having a year out was probs the best thing to do. Honestly, it's the best thing I ever did. I finally got myself mentally better, after 10 years of struggling. Now, I'm back in my final year, loving it, and actually managed to pass the first two modules with good marks, wahoo! Oh, aaand I managed to get my ethics aproved for my dissertation so I can start my own research! Watch out for Eschle the researcher!


(Very) Last Minute Gift Guide For Men

Parker Pens

I know, I know. It's extremely late. BUT, I know there's still a few of you out there that still haven't finished your Christmas Shopping yet.  If you're struggling to get that special man in your life a gift, or even your Dad or Grandad, this posts for you!  OR, if you're sitting here like 'well what about women?!' then check out my Women's gift guide which is all about gifts for the ladies for under £20, so you don't need to break the bank!

1. Parker Pens

As pictured above, Parker Pens are the most timeless piece to give as a gift this Christmas. Not only do these pens look luxurious, they write really well. The London Jotter* range are also extremely affordable, which I found impressive considering I usually associate Parker Pens with high expense! In my opinion, it would make the perfect gift for your Dad, or a man in your life who loves to write in style!



What Dress Styles Will be Trending in 2017?!

Clothes Show 2016

These days, we are all in awe over Insta pics of our faves. We also all watch the red-carpet celebs walk, read the fashion mags, and scan the web for the hottest styles. I feel like we're all expected to be wearing what's 'in' and 'fashionable' these days, no matter what your bank balance is. I find this especially in the blogging world, we're surrounded by bloggers wearing the latest Gucci bag and Kurt Geiger heels, but frankly some of us just can't afford it! Though, do not fret, as I am here to show you how to wear 2017's most fashionable trends, but without the hefty price tag.

1. Cold Shoulders

For anyone who knows me, this is my all time fave style. I find it so flattering. If you don't like your arms (or you do), it works for everybody.  So I was so happy when it was announced that the latest cold shoulder trend will be off-the-shoulder prom gowns. Who remembers Princess Diana's gorgeous, dark green velvet off the shoulder gown? Well, this style is coming back in! Anywho, the look is back and you should get on it.



Women's Christmas Gift Guide - Under £20

As it's the 1st of December (eeeek, my favourite month),  I thought I'd start doing some Christmas Gift Guides. I've started off with an affordable one as I'm on a tight budget this Christmas! So if you're in the same situation as me, and are struggling to buy that perfect gift for your Mum/ Girlfriend/ Sister/ Grandma etc, then this would be perfect for you! 

I'd love to read some of your gift guides, pop them in the comments!

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