What Dress Styles Will be Trending in 2017?!

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These days, we are all in awe over Insta pics of our faves. We also all watch the red-carpet celebs walk, read the fashion mags, and scan the web for the hottest styles. I feel like we're all expected to be wearing what's 'in' and 'fashionable' these days, no matter what your bank balance is. I find this especially in the blogging world, we're surrounded by bloggers wearing the latest Gucci bag and Kurt Geiger heels, but frankly some of us just can't afford it! Though, do not fret, as I am here to show you how to wear 2017's most fashionable trends, but without the hefty price tag.

1. Cold Shoulders

For anyone who knows me, this is my all time fave style. I find it so flattering. If you don't like your arms (or you do), it works for everybody.  So I was so happy when it was announced that the latest cold shoulder trend will be off-the-shoulder prom gowns. Who remembers Princess Diana's gorgeous, dark green velvet off the shoulder gown? Well, this style is coming back in! Anywho, the look is back and you should get on it.

2. Deep Decolletage

Perhaps inspired by Melania Trump’s style, this year’s fashions begin with deep, deep V necks – d├ęcolletage is de rigeur this season. Low-cut gowns were all over bridal fashion week, and not just from a couple designers. Alll of them were doing it. Low-necked, deep Vs – if you have the confidence to wear one, now is your opportunity. 

3. Shrugged

Took keep those exposed shoulders cozy, shrugs and the like will be very popular. We’re talking faux fur, capelets, toppers, boleros and even small ponchos. 

4.  Bowed Dresses

One gorge tend in 2017 will be bows, and oversized bows at that. Many designers are adding the accent of a giant bow at the waist of their gowns, or at the base of the dress’ back. Some bows will be attached to sleeves, placed at the back of the neck, or be a statement for your evening bag. Ahhh, this is one of my faves.


5.  Lace Overlay

Much to my excitement, lacy overlay is making a comeback. Many dresses will feature a “bottom layer” highlighted by light lacy fabric. I think they just add a nice feminine feature to dresses!

6. Rose and Blue Colours

Blues and Roses are the popular colors for 2017. And you’re young – so there are many shades in which you can wear either color, in the most vibrant example or a more subtle one.


Although, to top it all off, if you're in school/college, Prom will be the penultimate in fashion – it will be your school’s version of a red-carpet, star-studded event. There will be “oohs and ahhhs,” as well as many – many, many – photos taken. For this reason, if you like, you can dress well, you can look your best, and (after this article) you can now be on-point for fashion trends.  If this post still isn't helping you, you can always check out the dresses available at the biggest prom-dress shop in the U.S. at https://www.peachesboutique.com/dresses/occasion/promIf you’re lucky enough to have one held for you or to be asked to be in the party, you can also find the perfect quinceanera dresses here, or you can combine a dress you wore initially to the prom to the quinceanera dress event.

 So, if you’re looking for a dress to wear at an upcoming party, you will surely be in trend when you choose a dress style as the ones in ma post above! Happy Shopping!

* This article is published in partnership with Mediabuzzer. This is a collaborative post.

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