5 Things To Know Before You Rent In London

At the end of July, I secured my first graduate job in London. As I'm originally from Birmingham, I had to very quickly plan how I was going to live in London, the commute time etc. Luckily I had friends in London to help me decide what areas were cheap but safe, if I needed tentants insurance such as HomeLet and that I needed to be somewhere near a tube station. I was also lucky enough to be able to say at my two best friends house in Fulham whilst I found a place of my own. However, it wasn't all easy as pie. The first house I rented was an absolute disaster. The house mate was aggressive and took drugs. So 3 days later I exited that house and moved back ino Fulham (shout out to Molly & Saoirse you utter babes).  That very day I was back on sites like Spare Room and finally, after a stressful month, I was ready to move into my own gorgeous place in September. It's safe to say I have my #RentingRules for ensuring you find your perfect place in London.



Has The Internet Made Us Lazy?

I was sitting on the bus the other morning, using my Citymapper app to find the quickest re-route to work as my buses route had changed mid-journey, and a thought crossed my mind. How would I have done this without the internet? I would have been lost in London, with no map, with no way to get to work. But then, surely, before the internet, people would have been able to get places with out a map? Which then got me thinking, have our brains become reliant on the internet? Are we losing our independence and common sense due to everything now being at the click of a button? I think so..

Think about it. We urgently need a recipe for a birthday cake? Google it.  We get lost? Google maps.  We want to contact our friends? Find them on Facebook.  None of this would be available without the internet. Whereas pre-internet, we would have read the recipe in a book, bought a physical map, or even made a visit to one of our friends houses (shock horror I know).

Even when I run out of data on my phone, the anxiety kicks in. How will I stay in touch on Whatsapp? What if I need a taxi? What if I get lost? All questions are ridiculous. As if any of those things happened, I wouldn't need the internet for it. The same anxiety kicked in when me and my house mates moved into our property in London and we didn't have WiFi for 2 weeks. You know, we had to actually speak to eachother and do stuff that didn't involve the internet.

I think it's just crazy how much the internet has changed our lives.  Even businesses can now evolve with the likes of the internet, social media and e-commerce. It's even easier with companies like TalkTalk offering TalkTalk Business. Everything is now at the click of the button. Even cat videos. 

How do you use your internet?

*This is a collaborative post with TalkTalk. All thoughts are my own.
*Shout out to my house mate Kaley Kronenberger for the amazing photography. And Saira for the participation.



Homemade Ginger Sponge Pudding

homemade ginger sponge pudding

Although the weather is slightly warmer now, sometimes you can't beat a nice warm and hearty pudding. Personally, anything with custard and cinnamon is a winner for me so this ginger sponge pudding recipe is a win win! I'm not much of a baker/cooker so I was so pleased to find out this recipe is simpler than it looks, so if I can do it, you can do it! And OMG it tastes incredible. Like comfort in a bowl! So, if you wanna make something as delicious as the picture portrays (and you gotta admit, it looks pretty damn good doesn't it?) then just follow these 8 easy steps:

homemade ginger sponge pudding



How To Feel Confident In Your Summer Wardrobe

Simply Be Fashion

I really struggle with dressing for the Summer, as I'm such a Winter gal.  Give me a chunky knit and leggings over a dress and bare legs anyday! I especially struggle with picking out occasion dresses for friends Birthdays etc as I hate bodycon dresses and I feel that these days nothing suits me!  Thankfully I spotted this gorgeous embroidered swing dress* from Simply Be and had to have it in my basket. It's so 'me' and I feel so confident and comfortable in it. I need more pieces like this in my wardrobe this summer!

Personally, I think to get your own 'Summer Style' you need to pick pieces that you're confident in. Don't necessarily go with what's fashionable or 'in', go with what you're most comfortable with. Personally, I don't like bodycon on me as it shows my belly and hips, which are the parts I don't like in my body. I also don't like strappy tops and vest tops as it shows off my arms. I do however love floaty dresses and short sleeved tops which make me feel more confident. It's all about what works for you!


Get Your Hair Summer Ready With Philip Kingsley

Philip Kingsley elasticizer

It's no secret that I suffer with dry and damaged hair and have tried various treatments to help it. It's 100% due to bleaching my hair, dying it purple/pink/brunette, straightening and curling it but hey, gals gotta do what a gals gotta do!  A key hair brand I repeatedly go back to (when I have a bit more money than usual) is Philip Kingsley. Although a bit pricey, it definitely does its job and is sooo worth the price tag. My fave of all the products is its famous elasticizer*, which now comes in a glorious coconut breeze scent.  I tried a sample of the elasticizer before but was thrilled when this full size version came through my front door. It has a scent of coconut, jasmine and almond and is the most nourishing hair mask I've ever tried, honest!


Teagime: A Custom Blended Teatox

Teagime review

Although I am an avid coffee drinker, I am partial to a few herbal teas. I usually go for green tea, chamomile tea or peppermint tea. Nothing too fancy. However, when Teagime asked me to review their teas I couldn't resist. The one thing that is different about this tea subscription service, is that it's personalised. 


How I Make Money From My Blog

How I make money from my blog

Before I get the ball rolling, I am by know means a millionaire or even earning a full-time wage off my blog. But as the months have gone on and the level of hard work has increased, the money has improved, and it's a lil' sommat sommat to have in my bank account. I mean, if I can earn money from my hobby why not?! After announcing on twitter that I made more money from blogging this month than I ever have, I had a few comments asking me to write a blog post explaining how I did it. So, here goes...



Recipe: A Homemade Caramel Frappé

blender recipes

Now the weather is (finally) starting to heat up, sometimes you want a cold drink instead of a hot. But for a coffee addict like myself, a hot cup of coffee can be too much. So, how about a cold coffee caramel frappé? Sounds good doesn't it? I was scrolling the internet for blender recipes and came across this simple recipe on how to make a Coffee Caramel Frappé. It's literally the quickest recipe ever, I started to ask myself why on earth I didn't do this sooner?! It'll definitely go down with guests, and it feels like a less naughty version of a dessert!  Here's how I made these mouth-watering frappé's..


Get Festival Ready With Sleek

Sleek Festival

Products Shown:
i-Divine Ultra Mattes V1 Brights- Superdrug - £8.99
Matte Me Lip Cream Apricot Blooms- Superdrug- £4.99
Sleek Lip VIP Lipstick in Backstage- Boots - £5.49

How To Get Flip-Flop Ready Feet

Superdrug Feet

We all know feet aren't everyone's favourite part of the body. Unless you have a weird foot-fetish, but ya know, each to their own.  I hate, hate getting my feet out as much as the next person. No matter if they're painted and buffed, I still feel self concious about them. But, Summer is finally here and that means getting yo' feet out whether ya like it or not. Don't worry though, I've got some great products from Superdrug* that'll sort out your feet in no time.


My Top 5 Shopping Tips

what to do in liverpool

If you're anything like me, you love a good shopping spree. I much prefer shopping in-store rather than online (shock horror from a Blogger, I know!).  I think it's because recently all the sizes in the shops differ, so when I buy off ASOS 90% of the time I end up returning it anyway! I also much prefer feeling the quality of the clothes, trying them on and just the over all atmosphere of shopping. The only thing I don't like is the crowds, it makes me feel stressed and anxious but I've found a few ways to combat a stressful shopping trip! This recently came up because I wanted to visit Liverpool to visit the British Style Collective, and whilst I was wondering what to do in Liverpool whilst I was up there, I came across Liverpool One. In looks like a massive shopping centre and I got so bloody excited, but my anxiety also kicked in with the crowds. So I started noting ways to get rid of the stress and here's what I came up with kids..


How To Blog From Your Phone

How to blog from your phone

Recently my laptop broke *sobs* and my instant thought was 'how am I gonna blog?!'. Thankfully, I submitted my dissertation 2 weeks ago so I didn't have to worry about that!  Luckily I came across Lauren's blog post on how to blog on a budget,  and her tips inspired me to start blogging from my phone. Who needs a laptop these days?! (Me secretly, I do miss my MacBook).


My Evening At The Botanist, Birmingham

 A few weeks ago me and my Mum were asked to go for a meal at The Botanist. We'd never been before, only for drinks, so I jumped at the chance! When we first walked in, it was busy and had a vibrant atmosphere. I guess that's reflects a great restaurant/venue!  We were then took to our seat, and asked if we wanted drinks and a starter. I never normally do, but as I was reviewing the new menu I thought it was necessary! We ordered our favourite: Camembert.

Immediately, we were impressed with the apple and celery on the side, rather than the usual bread (can you tell we're easily impressed?!). The Camembert itself was amazing, baked perfectly and tasted delicious. The only thing we felt could of been improved was the bread choice. We've never had sliced brown bread with Camembert before, it seemed a buzzard pairing. Where's the crusty loaf at?!


Our cocktails were delicious. My mum went for the strawberry and cucumber breeze and I had the Blackberry and Rosemary fizz. Definitely one of the best cocktails we've ever tried!


We both opted for the hanging kebabs, as that's what The Botanist is famous for apparently! So we thought they must be good. After just one bite, we could see why they were famous for their kebabs. Mum had the lamb and I had the chicken, but they were both equally as delicious. They were served with sweet potato fries (our favourite) so it was a win win for both of us. 



We were so stuffed, but as I said earlier, we were there to review the whole menu, so why not! I opted for the baked cookie dough and my Mum chose the banana split. We tried each others and omg were they good. So good. I have such a sweet tooth so I was considerably impressed. I'd definitely pick the banana split if I was to go again! It literally had everything I love in it, including honey comb.

Overall, we had a great night paired with great food and lovely customer service. The only slip up was they weren't aware I was coming. But, once it was settled at the end they were apologetic! At least I can say the customer service was great as they didn't know I was coming, so they weren't biased in the slightest! If you're in Birmingham (or even if not) I'd definitely recommend a visit to the Botanist, you won't be disappointed!

*This was a paid for 3 course meal in return for a honest review. All views are my own.



A Handmade Copper Dream


I was recently contacted by Banbayu*, to see if I liked the look of any of their homeware. I immediately fell in love with this plate, I mean come on, I'm a blogger. Who doesn't love a copper plate?!  I was already picturing how I was going to style it for my Instagram, ngl.  But, what I fell in love with more was the origins behind the brand and the items the brand sells themselves. 


My New Affordable Skin-Care Obsessions


Basically half a year ago (blimey, time flies) I was asked to meet up with the lovely Laura from Deciem. We had a great natter and she showed me all the amazing products from Deciem. I was drawn to the brand as Laura explained the product are all based on scientific formulas, therefore the ingredients are extremely minimal. There were so many products that I couldn't wait to try, but I went with the High Efficiency Face Cleanser* and  the HA Blur*. I really loved the face cleanser, it smelt like chlorine which to me was so refreshing and I really felt like my skin was clear. It definitely got rid of all my make-up, it passed the white towel test!  I didn't really get on with the HA Blur, but I think it was just too heavy for my acne prone skin. I actually have lost these products (I was saving the empty bottles for a photo) but since my house move, I think they may have gone in the bin by accident, oops.


Satisfying Sugar Cravings With Slissie


First things first, please excuse the state of my nails. Hello fake tan yellowness and a rushed nail job! Right, now we've addressed that shall we carry on with the review?   When I was introduced to this device, I couldn't not give it a try. I mean everyone who knows me, knows I'm a huge biscuit advocate. Gimme a packet of biscuits and I'll eat them all in one sitting. Same goes for a chocolate bar (the huge ones) and a bag of crisps. Anyway, you get the jist, my snacking habits aren't exactly healthy.  Slissie* basically tricks your brain into thinking you're eating that lovely chocolate snack, when in fact you're just sucking on this device. Good eh?


10 Things That Helped Me Overcome My Depression

How To Overcome Depression

As it's Mental Health Awareness week, I thought I'd share with you how I beat depression. From 2010- early 2016 I suffered with depression. Most of the time it was managable, but in 2015 it became unbearable and I really didn't want to live anymore. After a failed (thankfully) attempt at ending my life, I guess my mindset changed. You could say it was a bit of a wake up call, that I needed to try anything and everything to change how I was feeling. I was ready to kick it up the butt. So, here's a list of all the things I tried and successfully helped me get rid of the demon that is depression.


My 5 Beauty Predictions For 2017

beauty predictions for 2017

1. Bright Colours
This prediction I reaaaaally hope comes true. I'm a big fan of bright colours, rainbows and all that jazz. I've seen a great emphasis on unicorns and mermaids lately, and we all know how much I love unicorns..


Why I’m now a Summer gal rather than a Winter gal

Chill Insurance

 For most of my life, I’ve always thought I was a Winter kinda gal. I still love the cosy nights in, the hot chocolates, the winter clothing, the German markets, Christmas, my Birthday, the list goes on… But, this year I realised that the Winter makes me kinda depressed and down, and seriously unmotivated. I think I might have a case of SAD! So, when Spring arrived I couldn’t be happier, just seeing the sun makes me more motivated and more energised, I can’t explain it. It’s a mahoosive and weird change for me, as I normally love staying in with Netflix, crappy food and a big chunky knit and fluffy socks, but last year I hated doing that every single night, it depressed me and I got seriously bored. I craved for the day where I could leave the house and not be cold. And now the time is here, all I wanna do is sit in a beer garden and go for nice country walks. Who’s joining me?!


Discussing Blogger Bitchiness ft Mental Health

This post is inspired by the lovely Ashleigh's blog post, all about how she's sick of bitches on the internet. This topic has been running around my head for a few months now, and after reading Ash's post I decided it was time to write it. When I first started blogging in 2012, there wasn't such thing as blogger bitchiness (well, if there was I wasn't aware). Everyone was focused on building everyone up, commenting on eachothers posts and generally having #GirlPower. But recently, I swear as soon as I open up the twitter app, I'm bombarded with bloggers having bitchy comments at eachother. Whether it's direct or indirect, and the best bit is, most of it is petty shit.


A Trip To The Stable - Birmingham

The Stable Birmingham

The Stable Birmingham

Me and the boyf were invited to review The Stable* restaurant in Birmingham. I was so blady excited as I've always wanted to visit, but just never got round to it! We decided to go on a Thursday evenig as it was a bit quieter, but to be honest, it was still very vibrant and busy! Guess that just shows how good of a restaurant it is eh! We were greeted by the lovely Becca, who would be our host for the evening. She really made sure we felt comfortable, gave us all the information we needed and she was super friendly and smiley! 


What I've Learnt About Myself So Far in 2017

I kinda wanted to do a more 'old-school' kind of blog post. When I first started blogging 7 years ago, I used to just blabber to it like a diary, sat with a cup of tea and bullet point everythanggg. So here we go, I've bullet pointed what I've learnt about myself so far in 2017:

5 Ways To Make Sure You're Safe In Your Car

Slater and Gordon

I have been the proud owner of my little car for 2 years now and can’t believe how reliant I have become on it to get me from A to B on a daily basis. But I must admit driving in a big city like Birmingham (have you ever wondered how spaghetti junction got it’s name!) every day makes me prioritise car safety. It can be like wacky races during rush hour and unlike Penelope Pitstop, I aint got the anthill mob to get me out of a fix! However, I am fortunate that my lovely Grandad has always been interested in cars and a visit to him is not complete without him checking my oil and water. However, if you do find yourself in an unfortunate accident, Slater & Gordon* are your guys! I have put together my top 5 car safety points which hopefully may be of use to any of you who drive or are learning to drive, or even just to remind myself some days!


4 Ways To Update Your Bathroom

Pebble Grey

As seasons and trends change, it's easy to start tiring of your bathroom decor. Completely redecorating can take time, effort and money but there are other ways to get a fresh look. Upcycling has taken off as a recent trend, it involves DIY to give your furniture a new lease of life. This proves that even on a budget and with limited skills, you can create unique items from your furniture. There are other ways to keep your home on trend and just updating your cabinets can make a huge difference! So I thought I'd tell you guys my 4 fave ways to update ya bathroom..


Threads Beauty: Eyelashes Review

Threads Beauty

Even though I am blessed with naturally long and thick eyelashes (not tooting my own horn here), I still love to put on fake eyelashes. They just make me feel more put together, ya know? I'm pretty sure I'm not the only gal who feels this way! Yes, I still haven't mastered how to easily put falsies on, but at least I've mastered how to put them on evenly. I think...


Can A Hair Straightening Brush Really Straighten Your Hair?

Irresistible Me Hair Straightening

I have been graced with frizzy, tangled and knotted hair. It takes a hella' lotta product to tame it (see this post), and about 30 mins with the Tangle Teezer. Even then, I can never get it perfectly straight. So, when Irresistible Me got in touch asking me to try out their straightening brush, I couldn't say no!


OOTD - Casual Monday

I'll about starting fresh at the start of a new week. What's better to start a new week with a comfy yet stylish look? After all, comfort is key! I find I work a lot better when I'm comfortable, so I usaually just chuck on a t-shirt jeans and a pair of comfy trainers. I've been obsessed with this Unicorn T-Shirt* this month, as everyone who knows me well knows my obsession with anything unicorn related!


How to Stay Happy, Healthy & Stress Free

Phizz Tablets

Now, before I start, I am by no means a health/stress expert. This is just what works for me! Recently I've hit a bit of a slump. I'm in my final semester for my degree, and although I am on track with my uni work, I can't help but feel about bleugh and stressed about my degree and where my blog is going. Basically, I just can't wait till May 13th hits and I can get into the working world and focus on what I actually want to do! But, for the mean time, I've dealt with my stress and the overwhelming feelings by using these few tips..


How Rush Birmingham Transformed My Hair

Rush Hair and Beauty Birmingham

Probs for the past 2 months, I've had gross, dry and ridiculously knotted hair. I've threw my hairbrush at a wall numerous times, made my friends, my mom and my boyfriend de-knot my hair (whilst swearing profusely). Basically, my hair was just getting ridiculous and a hella' lot painful. So, when I was invited to have a hair cut by Rush in the Birmingham store, I immediately said yes and wanted an appointment ASAP!


5 Ways To Treat Yourself This Valentines Day

Treat Yourself Valentines Day

Yep, it's that time of year again. Valentines Day. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of Valentines Day I always think it feels forced & is just a big money maker. But, I still love to go out for dinner and treat myself and the boyf on Valentines Day so hey ho, guess I do like it! Normally, this day is about treating your loved ones, but as you do this all year (well, you should do), I personally think you should treat yourself into buying some new items that make you feel good or even having a relaxing pamper day/evening to clear your mind and focus on yourself. 


I Don't Care Anymore

River Thames

I recently just watched Mark Ferris' video on 'Why I Don't Care Anymore', and it kind of sparked a light bulb in my head. I used to care so much about what people think of me, what people thought of what I did and people's reactions to my actions, especially on Social Media. It used to get me so down and it made me feel so anxious. It also stopped me from doing things I wanted to do, in case I got a nasty comment. I even stopped putting tweets and blog posts out in fear I'd get ridiculed for it at college/uni.  


9 Ridic Things That Have Made Me Cry Whilst On My Period

Things That You cry about on your period

As gals, we all know that the time of the month brings spots, binge eating, crying and pain (and if you're a lad, stick with this post as it'll probs make you realise what hormonal weirdos we become when our period comes to visit). Personally, when I'm on my period I literally cry or get annoyed at anything. It's true, just ask the boyf lol. I've been thinking for the past few months, that it might bring some humour to peoples lives, to write down the ridiculous things I cry about when I'm on my period. So, I started writing them down on my iPhone notes and here we are. And, if you don't find it funny, at least I've humoured myself..

1. I couldn't find a matching sock. Yep, really. I sobbed and sobbed, until I just had to wear two odd socks. What a disaster.


My 8 Goals & Resolutions for 2017

Watkins Publishing

Here it is, the time for those good ol' New Years Resolutions! I had a pretty good 2016, considering how shit it was, and you can read all about that in my previous post all about my year last year. But, this year, I want to carry on bettering my self. I feel I done so well last year, considering I was in such an extreme Mental Health rut over the past 3 years. So, now I'm in an even better frame of mind, I feel that 2017 is my year, and I can tackle anything that comes my way, and really reach my goals! 2017 I'm comin' for yaaaaa.

1. Drink More Water
I reaaaally don't drink enough. I think you're supposed to drink around 2.5 litres a day, and I probs drink about 500ml a day at a push (I know, slate me all you want). I think my skin and energy levels have really suffered from it. I've bought myself a fancy (lol) litre bottle from Primark, which should hopefully encourage me to drink 3 litres a day! Booooom.
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