5 Ways To Treat Yourself This Valentines Day

Treat Yourself Valentines Day

Yep, it's that time of year again. Valentines Day. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of Valentines Day I always think it feels forced & is just a big money maker. But, I still love to go out for dinner and treat myself and the boyf on Valentines Day so hey ho, guess I do like it! Normally, this day is about treating your loved ones, but as you do this all year (well, you should do), I personally think you should treat yourself into buying some new items that make you feel good or even having a relaxing pamper day/evening to clear your mind and focus on yourself. 

1. Pamper
This is the obvious one. How about a nice relaxing bath with all your favourite products? I'm pretty sure you can all think of some nice Lush bath bombs to plonk in the bath, and a face mask whilst you're feeling all zen in your bath tub. My fave face mask is the Loreal Pure Clay Detox Mask, I feel it just lifts all my redness and helps clear my blackheads!

2. Lingerie
Why not treat yourself to a nice pair of undies? Every woman knows that wearing matching underwear can make your day go from a 2/10 to a 10/10. There's just something about it that makes you feel sexy and you wanna take on the world. Adore Me do some great sets at the moment, for around £15! Such a bargain, and they're gorgeous! Have a look on their site, you know you want to! Oh, and check out their Insta too, they have a beauts feed.

3. Make-Up
Buying new make-up just makes me so happy. From a new lipstick, to a new concealer. It all just makes me have a big grin on my face. I'm loving Charlotte Tilbury at the moment, so if you want to treat yourself, grab her new Pillow Talk lippie, it's gorgeous!

4. Dinner
This is a thing you can do if you're single this V Day, or if you're taken! I don't mean you have to go out-out for a nice dinner, you can even just treat yourself to a nice chinese takeaway & a bottle of wine. I mean, that's what I did last year! Just make sure you're eating something yummy that will make your heart content.

5. Mindfulness
As well as treating your face, body and belly; why don't you also treat your mind? Take half hour at the end of your Valentines Day to write down what makes you happy, what you love about your family/friends/partner, what you love about yourself & how you can better yourself. Trust me, you'll feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and it stops you scrolling through Social Media! This self-help journal is from Paperchase, and was kindly gifted by my friends for my birthday!

What are you doing to treat yourself this Valentines Day? 

 *Post Is In Collaboration with AdoreMe


  1. Why should valentines just be about being in a relationship, you should definitely use it as excuse for some self love (not like that - cheeky) definitely got a pamper on the cards for me XX

  2. I loove this, I am all for any excuse to treat yourself! haha. Your blog is so lovely too, you are doing an amazing job on it.. keep up the hard work! x



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