4 Ways To Update Your Bathroom

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As seasons and trends change, it's easy to start tiring of your bathroom decor. Completely redecorating can take time, effort and money but there are other ways to get a fresh look. Upcycling has taken off as a recent trend, it involves DIY to give your furniture a new lease of life. This proves that even on a budget and with limited skills, you can create unique items from your furniture. There are other ways to keep your home on trend and just updating your cabinets can make a huge difference! So I thought I'd tell you guys my 4 fave ways to update ya bathroom..

1. Extra space 
Bathroom cabinets can rapidly get cluttered up with all sorts from old conditioners to razors. Optimising your storage space can give ensure your cabinets, and their contents, remain looking neat and tidy. You’ll need to start by clearing out your cupboards and throwing away anything that you no longer use. Once you know what you have, separate them into groups like hair care, soaps, medicines etc. Now you know how much you need in your cabinet, you can use small boxes or wicker baskets to hold your toiletries separately. You’ll always know how much of each you have left and your storage won’t get unruly and messy. You can also achieve the same effect with cupboard dividers that you can buy from homeware shops.  If you still have too much to fit into your cupboards, look for some neat boxes you can pop on top of your cabinet to keep things looking tidy. If you have anything that can be hung up then adding adhesive hooks to your door can free up even more room. 

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2. Brand new cupboards 
If your bathroom storage is completely worn out and not fit for purpose then you can find ways to replace them on the cheap. Try online selling sites for cupboards people are throwing out or sometimes you can even find brand new ones that have never been used. If you have no budget then sites like freecycle can help. If you have a bigger budget to spare then shop around in sales and find the best offer. You can also try outlet shops and discontinued lines from bigger stores. 

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3. Fresh look 
If your cupboards are in perfect condition but just need an update, you can utilise some of the on trend upcycling tips mentioned earlier. Website like Pinterest are a great resource for inspiration, all you need is some tools and you can get your storage looking fresh!  If you have wooden cabinets, try the small pots of paint from hardware shops or even testers and give them a new lick of paint. This allows you to go for an entirely new colour scheme. You can then add sticky transfers or new, patterned door knobs to make it a unique item in your home. 

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4. Multi purpose 
In these days of heightened technology, you can find cabinets that do more than store your things and act as a mirror. Bathroom mirrors have evolved in recent years and although the technology is a luxury, it can also address issues with space too. If you use a shower radio or music dock, you can get bluetooth mirrors, like the ones from Pebble Grey*, that play your music from the wall. You can also get illuminated mirrors that lessen the need for extra bathroom lighting. Some mirrors even have integrated shaver sockets to allow for more wall space!

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  1. Seeing as I'm currently trying to plan how on earth I'm going to turn my windowless, rather dull bathroom in my new house into a beautiful spa like bathroom, I found this post so helpful! I definitely need all the wicker baskets I can fit in my bathroom, haha! I've never heard of bluetooth mirrors but that is such a cool idea!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. As if it's window less thats mental! x


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