5 Ways To Make Sure You're Safe In Your Car

Slater and Gordon

I have been the proud owner of my little car for 2 years now and can’t believe how reliant I have become on it to get me from A to B on a daily basis. But I must admit driving in a big city like Birmingham (have you ever wondered how spaghetti junction got it’s name!) every day makes me prioritise car safety. It can be like wacky races during rush hour and unlike Penelope Pitstop, I aint got the anthill mob to get me out of a fix! However, I am fortunate that my lovely Grandad has always been interested in cars and a visit to him is not complete without him checking my oil and water. However, if you do find yourself in an unfortunate accident, Slater & Gordon* are your guys! I have put together my top 5 car safety points which hopefully may be of use to any of you who drive or are learning to drive, or even just to remind myself some days!

1) Maintenance checks 
Making sure your car has functioning brakes, correct tyre pressures, oil, water, working lights, window wipers and screen wash will all reduce the risk of you breaking down or even causing an accident. 

2) Seatbelts 
They may crease your fave top or even divide your boobage in an unflattering way, but these babies will save the lives of you and your passengers, so always make sure you put one on before you move anywhere. No matter what your passengers say always make them put theirs on too, not only can you incur a big fine if caught, back seat passengers can seriously injure those in the front if they are not restrained.

Slater and Gordon

3) Know and plan your route 
There is nothing more scarey (ok maybe just me and my anxiety) than not knowing where you are going in a strange city or on a motorway. The temptation to take a sudden left turn when you know you are going to have to travel another 2 miles in the wrong direction before you can correct your mistake is huge. But trust me this is the cause of many a pile up, let alone causing a massive argument with your OH or messing up your best mates lippie. I always try and plan my route using the sat nav on my phone before I travel, but good old granddad has also taught me the value of the good old map or A to Z for those times when you are out of data or signal. Weirdly , from a very young age I have been fascinated by maps. Apparently I even used to take an A to Z under the covers with me as a bedtime read, maybe that started my sleep issues!

4) Lock your car 
Now I ain’t got the most valuable car on the street, so it’s never gonna be a carjackers dream , but it is all mine bought and paid for and given my current financial affairs I could not afford to replace it if he ( I call my car Larry lolz) was stolen. Those thieving wotsits also like nothing better than a handbag on the passenger seat ripe for the picking when you are stuck in traffic. Wham bam the next thing you know their sticky fingers are through your window and your bag/phone/dissertation/life is being dragged off down the high street. Given the age of my car, I don’t have the luxury of central locking, so I always have to make a conscious  effort to remember to flick my locks down and remind my passengers when they get out to save me leaning across and pulling a muscle. 

5) Rescue cover 
As you may already know, I am not the strongest gal on the block, nor do I have any clue about repairing a fault should it happen. It’s not that I think women should leave it to the men, I plan to learn how to change a tyre as soon as University gives me my life back. However for now, I have rescue cover, which for a small annual fee will come find me rocking in a corner somewhere and get me back on the road should I need them to. Shame they can’t write essays!

So these are my top tips for staying safe in your car, hope you find them useful!

*This post is in collaboration with Slater & Gordon


  1. You've got to be so careful when it comes to people breaking into your car, I live in Birmingham and my friends KA got broken into and had a sat nav stolen yet they didn't break into my friends more expensive car parked next to it, apparently it's because her KA was easier to break into as it didn't have an alarm on anything

    1. Ahhhh thanks! I'll definitely try and make it more secure, thank you! :)

  2. This is such a great post! I hear of so many young drivers getting in accidents these days! We all must take road safety very seriously!! Xx


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