Can A Hair Straightening Brush Really Straighten Your Hair?

Irresistible Me Hair Straightening

I have been graced with frizzy, tangled and knotted hair. It takes a hella' lotta product to tame it (see this post), and about 30 mins with the Tangle Teezer. Even then, I can never get it perfectly straight. So, when Irresistible Me got in touch asking me to try out their straightening brush, I couldn't say no!

So, the question is, can a hair straightening brush really straighten your hair? The answer is yes. I have purposely taken a photo of one side of my hair straight (using the Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic-Tourmaline Brush*) and left the other side curly, just so you gals can see the difference. I mean, obviously it doesn't go as poker straight as you would with hair straighteners, but it definitely de-frizzes and gets rid of my natural curl. I even found that I only needed to go over it very quickly with the straightners afterwards!

I'm definitely impressed, and I will be using it every day straight away after I've gave it a quick brush over with the tangle teezer. Personally, I think it's perfect for those days where you don't want poker straight hair but don't want to do nothing with your hair! It also makes my hair feel soooo silky and smooth. I don't know how and why, but it really does! 

Have you tried a hair straightening brush? I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

*This post contains PR samples. All views are my own.



  1. I LOVE this photo! I always want someone to take photos of me doing things like this for my blog.... but Taylor is kinda useless at getting the angles right! Anyway - your hair looks amazing in this pic - and I'm shocked at how well it has straightened your hair! You're never going to get dead straight like you say, but you can't really expect that from a brush either. I'm just impressed it gets rid of the frizz - that is something I could deffo use in the morning before work haha!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. Haha I just ordered my Mum to do it! Yeah it's definitely worth trying! x

  2. I'm tempted to try this! Great post.

    Holly | www.thimblesandspoons.com


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