My 5 Beauty Predictions For 2017

beauty predictions for 2017

1. Bright Colours
This prediction I reaaaaally hope comes true. I'm a big fan of bright colours, rainbows and all that jazz. I've seen a great emphasis on unicorns and mermaids lately, and we all know how much I love unicorns..


Why I’m now a Summer gal rather than a Winter gal

Chill Insurance

 For most of my life, I’ve always thought I was a Winter kinda gal. I still love the cosy nights in, the hot chocolates, the winter clothing, the German markets, Christmas, my Birthday, the list goes on… But, this year I realised that the Winter makes me kinda depressed and down, and seriously unmotivated. I think I might have a case of SAD! So, when Spring arrived I couldn’t be happier, just seeing the sun makes me more motivated and more energised, I can’t explain it. It’s a mahoosive and weird change for me, as I normally love staying in with Netflix, crappy food and a big chunky knit and fluffy socks, but last year I hated doing that every single night, it depressed me and I got seriously bored. I craved for the day where I could leave the house and not be cold. And now the time is here, all I wanna do is sit in a beer garden and go for nice country walks. Who’s joining me?!


Discussing Blogger Bitchiness ft Mental Health

This post is inspired by the lovely Ashleigh's blog post, all about how she's sick of bitches on the internet. This topic has been running around my head for a few months now, and after reading Ash's post I decided it was time to write it. When I first started blogging in 2012, there wasn't such thing as blogger bitchiness (well, if there was I wasn't aware). Everyone was focused on building everyone up, commenting on eachothers posts and generally having #GirlPower. But recently, I swear as soon as I open up the twitter app, I'm bombarded with bloggers having bitchy comments at eachother. Whether it's direct or indirect, and the best bit is, most of it is petty shit.
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