A Handmade Copper Dream


I was recently contacted by Banbayu*, to see if I liked the look of any of their homeware. I immediately fell in love with this plate, I mean come on, I'm a blogger. Who doesn't love a copper plate?!  I was already picturing how I was going to style it for my Instagram, ngl.  But, what I fell in love with more was the origins behind the brand and the items the brand sells themselves. 


My New Affordable Skin-Care Obsessions


Basically half a year ago (blimey, time flies) I was asked to meet up with the lovely Laura from Deciem. We had a great natter and she showed me all the amazing products from Deciem. I was drawn to the brand as Laura explained the product are all based on scientific formulas, therefore the ingredients are extremely minimal. There were so many products that I couldn't wait to try, but I went with the High Efficiency Face Cleanser* and  the HA Blur*. I really loved the face cleanser, it smelt like chlorine which to me was so refreshing and I really felt like my skin was clear. It definitely got rid of all my make-up, it passed the white towel test!  I didn't really get on with the HA Blur, but I think it was just too heavy for my acne prone skin. I actually have lost these products (I was saving the empty bottles for a photo) but since my house move, I think they may have gone in the bin by accident, oops.


Satisfying Sugar Cravings With Slissie


First things first, please excuse the state of my nails. Hello fake tan yellowness and a rushed nail job! Right, now we've addressed that shall we carry on with the review?   When I was introduced to this device, I couldn't not give it a try. I mean everyone who knows me, knows I'm a huge biscuit advocate. Gimme a packet of biscuits and I'll eat them all in one sitting. Same goes for a chocolate bar (the huge ones) and a bag of crisps. Anyway, you get the jist, my snacking habits aren't exactly healthy.  Slissie* basically tricks your brain into thinking you're eating that lovely chocolate snack, when in fact you're just sucking on this device. Good eh?


10 Things That Helped Me Overcome My Depression

How To Overcome Depression

As it's Mental Health Awareness week, I thought I'd share with you how I beat depression. From 2010- early 2016 I suffered with depression. Most of the time it was managable, but in 2015 it became unbearable and I really didn't want to live anymore. After a failed (thankfully) attempt at ending my life, I guess my mindset changed. You could say it was a bit of a wake up call, that I needed to try anything and everything to change how I was feeling. I was ready to kick it up the butt. So, here's a list of all the things I tried and successfully helped me get rid of the demon that is depression.
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