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Basically half a year ago (blimey, time flies) I was asked to meet up with the lovely Laura from Deciem. We had a great natter and she showed me all the amazing products from Deciem. I was drawn to the brand as Laura explained the product are all based on scientific formulas, therefore the ingredients are extremely minimal. There were so many products that I couldn't wait to try, but I went with the High Efficiency Face Cleanser* and  the HA Blur*. I really loved the face cleanser, it smelt like chlorine which to me was so refreshing and I really felt like my skin was clear. It definitely got rid of all my make-up, it passed the white towel test!  I didn't really get on with the HA Blur, but I think it was just too heavy for my acne prone skin. I actually have lost these products (I was saving the empty bottles for a photo) but since my house move, I think they may have gone in the bin by accident, oops.

After trialing this products, I couldn't resist but to get some more products into my skin care routine! Luckily these were all on ASOS so they came with my next day delivery, win win. After having a chat over twitter with Laura & Rhianna, I decided that the Azeliac AcidAdvanced Retinoid and the Niacinamide were the best products for clearing up my skin. 

My all time fave out of the three, has got to be the Niacinamide. I hands down think this is the thing that's helped clear my acne. I put it on every morning and night after washing my face, and that's it. It has a mineral blemish formula and B3 which help reduce the appearance of blemishes, and in my opinon helps prevent them too!  

In the morning, after using the Niacinamide I would slather on the Azeliac Acid. I used this as a primer in all honesty. It contains a brightening formula, which I can definitely notice as soon as I put it in. My scarring and blemishes appeared less red, and it just generally smoothed out my face. Perfect before you put your foundation on! And you know that your skin is protected so you're less likely to get blemishes whilst wearing make-up!

Finally, every 3 days I would put a few drops of the Advanced Retinoid after the Niacinamide of an evening. Laura told me it gets worse before it gets better, and I completely agree. It did bring a few spots to the surface, but I guess in the long run it's a good thing eh? It is primarily an anti-ageing treatment, but it definitley helps reduce the dullness in my skin. 

I highly recommend Deciem as a brand, especially as they're all so affordable! All products range from £3 and over, such a good bargain. Let me know if you've tried any of the products or plan to!

*Products marked with an asterisk have been sent by PR to review. All thoughts are my own.


  1. Really an informative post. I always prefer for the topical creams like lifecell all-in-one anti aging cream to prevent my wrinkles and fine lines. Most of the time I prefer for the creams that contain retinoid as an important ingredient.

  2. I normally recommend dermology products to make my skin care routine more effective. I recommend this product because these products are made up of natural ingredient.

  3. I like Deciem products but also came across these recently Be for Beauty - try them they are fabulous.


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