Satisfying Sugar Cravings With Slissie


First things first, please excuse the state of my nails. Hello fake tan yellowness and a rushed nail job! Right, now we've addressed that shall we carry on with the review?   When I was introduced to this device, I couldn't not give it a try. I mean everyone who knows me, knows I'm a huge biscuit advocate. Gimme a packet of biscuits and I'll eat them all in one sitting. Same goes for a chocolate bar (the huge ones) and a bag of crisps. Anyway, you get the jist, my snacking habits aren't exactly healthy.  Slissie* basically tricks your brain into thinking you're eating that lovely chocolate snack, when in fact you're just sucking on this device. Good eh?


When you crave sugary snacks, you actually just want the flavour, not the calories/sugar that comes with it. So what Slissie Lizzie did was create a device that gives your brain/body what it really wants, the flavour, without stuffing yourself with a packet of biccies. Win win situation! My package came with a mint, chocolate and vanilla flavour. Obvs, chocolate was my favourite. 


All you have to do is screw on one of the flavour tips onto your advice, and inhale. It is vapour free and completely safe, so don't worry, you're not vaping! Slissie retails at £39.99 and you can get free re-fills wtih the reward club. Definitely worth the money in my opinon as I've stopped demolishing the whoel biscuit tin, and just having one alongside a few puffs of my Slissie!

*This post is in collaboration with Slissie, but all views are my own.


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