How To Blog From Your Phone

How to blog from your phone

Recently my laptop broke *sobs* and my instant thought was 'how am I gonna blog?!'. Thankfully, I submitted my dissertation 2 weeks ago so I didn't have to worry about that!  Luckily I came across Lauren's blog post on how to blog on a budget,  and her tips inspired me to start blogging from my phone. Who needs a laptop these days?! (Me secretly, I do miss my MacBook).

Lauren's post introduced me to the app Blog Touch Pro. It costs £4.99 for full access, but I honestly think it's worth it. You can edit, schedule, add photos, add links, add labels/tags and all that good stuff. You can even centre your text and change the colour of the text. How good is that?! I will be forever blogging on the go from now on. Especially as I'm travelling a lot to see my boyfriend in London. The 2 hour journey will now be useful! The only down side to the app is you can't change the links to no-follow, which can be annoying when writing a sponsored post! But hey ho, you can't have everything!

The next step is photos. How do you get your photos onto your phone and edit them without a laptop they ask?! Well, I have a Canon 1100d which has wifi. So I use the Canon app, to transfer my photos from my camera to my phone. I then select the few I want and upload them to my camera roll. My first editing app of choice is Face Tune. I only use this for the whitening tool, to make sure all my white backgrounds are as white as can be.

I then use Snap Seed, to edit my photos. I love how you can edit the white balance, add a camera lense blur and sharpen/brighten the photo all in one app. It makes editing a hella' lot easier! It's been my favourite editing app for a while tbf. The final App I use is VCSO. I only use this for filters really, as there's such a range of filters. I mainly use HB1 for my Instagram, I don't tend to use filters for my blog photos! 

After putting the text and photos together on Blog Touch Pro, I then use the bit.ly app to shorten my blog post link so it's easily shareable on Social Media. I then log on to Hoot Suite to share the post through all of my channels. There ya go, Bob's ya uncle.

I hope these tips have helped! Do you blog from your phone? If so, how?!


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