My Evening At The Botanist, Birmingham

 A few weeks ago me and my Mum were asked to go for a meal at The Botanist. We'd never been before, only for drinks, so I jumped at the chance! When we first walked in, it was busy and had a vibrant atmosphere. I guess that's reflects a great restaurant/venue!  We were then took to our seat, and asked if we wanted drinks and a starter. I never normally do, but as I was reviewing the new menu I thought it was necessary! We ordered our favourite: Camembert.

Immediately, we were impressed with the apple and celery on the side, rather than the usual bread (can you tell we're easily impressed?!). The Camembert itself was amazing, baked perfectly and tasted delicious. The only thing we felt could of been improved was the bread choice. We've never had sliced brown bread with Camembert before, it seemed a buzzard pairing. Where's the crusty loaf at?!


Our cocktails were delicious. My mum went for the strawberry and cucumber breeze and I had the Blackberry and Rosemary fizz. Definitely one of the best cocktails we've ever tried!


We both opted for the hanging kebabs, as that's what The Botanist is famous for apparently! So we thought they must be good. After just one bite, we could see why they were famous for their kebabs. Mum had the lamb and I had the chicken, but they were both equally as delicious. They were served with sweet potato fries (our favourite) so it was a win win for both of us. 



We were so stuffed, but as I said earlier, we were there to review the whole menu, so why not! I opted for the baked cookie dough and my Mum chose the banana split. We tried each others and omg were they good. So good. I have such a sweet tooth so I was considerably impressed. I'd definitely pick the banana split if I was to go again! It literally had everything I love in it, including honey comb.

Overall, we had a great night paired with great food and lovely customer service. The only slip up was they weren't aware I was coming. But, once it was settled at the end they were apologetic! At least I can say the customer service was great as they didn't know I was coming, so they weren't biased in the slightest! If you're in Birmingham (or even if not) I'd definitely recommend a visit to the Botanist, you won't be disappointed!

*This was a paid for 3 course meal in return for a honest review. All views are my own.


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