My Top 5 Shopping Tips

what to do in liverpool

If you're anything like me, you love a good shopping spree. I much prefer shopping in-store rather than online (shock horror from a Blogger, I know!).  I think it's because recently all the sizes in the shops differ, so when I buy off ASOS 90% of the time I end up returning it anyway! I also much prefer feeling the quality of the clothes, trying them on and just the over all atmosphere of shopping. The only thing I don't like is the crowds, it makes me feel stressed and anxious but I've found a few ways to combat a stressful shopping trip! This recently came up because I wanted to visit Liverpool to visit the British Style Collective, and whilst I was wondering what to do in Liverpool whilst I was up there, I came across Liverpool One. In looks like a massive shopping centre and I got so bloody excited, but my anxiety also kicked in with the crowds. So I started noting ways to get rid of the stress and here's what I came up with kids..

1. Plan
Plan what shops you want to go into. I find if you have a basic idea what you want and your budget, you can plan what shops you need to go into and what kind of style you're looking out for. Like, if you need shoes, don't go wandering into Superdrug! Unless ya know, a new lippie calls n'all..

2. Schedule in a break
I'm pretty sure in most Shopping centres there's gonna be a Starbucks or Costa. Schedule a quick frappe break and you'll have time to rest your poor tootsies and get your energy levels for more shopping. Win win situation!

3. Don't visit in peak times
Every-one knows that going shopping on a Saturday is a big no-no. The crowds are ridiculous never mind the queues. I know it's hard with a 9-5 job, but if you can, try going in the week day. Some shopping centres even have a late close on a Thursday- the best day to go in my opinion!

4. Try and go shopping on your own
Or at the most, 1 person. This is so you don't have to cater for everyone elses needs, and you can go into the shops you actually want to go to. It'll make the trip a lot quicker and less stressful! Plus, it'll eradicate the chance of a snappy argument when you and your friends disagree on the shops of choice..

5. Bring cash
I know these days a lot of shops have contactless payment and card machines, but lemme tell you from experience, there's nothing worse than waiting 10 minutes in the queue to be told there cash machine is out of use. Even if you bring half cash half card, it'll get rid of that possibility of having to run out the shop and find your nearest ATM!

After decades experience of shopping, there's my 5 top tips. Do you have any more? Leave them in the comments!

*This post is in collaboration with Liverpool One



  1. I totally agree with the "bring cash" tip!! When you see your hard earned money leaving you hand it's much more impactful than if you swipe a card!

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