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Philip Kingsley elasticizer

It's no secret that I suffer with dry and damaged hair and have tried various treatments to help it. It's 100% due to bleaching my hair, dying it purple/pink/brunette, straightening and curling it but hey, gals gotta do what a gals gotta do!  A key hair brand I repeatedly go back to (when I have a bit more money than usual) is Philip Kingsley. Although a bit pricey, it definitely does its job and is sooo worth the price tag. My fave of all the products is its famous elasticizer*, which now comes in a glorious coconut breeze scent.  I tried a sample of the elasticizer before but was thrilled when this full size version came through my front door. It has a scent of coconut, jasmine and almond and is the most nourishing hair mask I've ever tried, honest!

Philip Kingsley summer solutions

Along with their new summer range includes the Sun Shield*, Instant Beach*, Swimcap* and After-Sun Scalp Mask*. As I haven't been on holiday yet *sobs*, I've only been able to review the Instant Beach. As someone who naturally has curly and frizzy hair, this works a treat. I don't have to dry my hair, I just brush it after washing it and spray some of this on it and I have easy natural waves. No exaggeration! I honestly think this is the best range Philip Kingsley have brought out, everything just smells so good and instantly reminds me of summer, the beach and sunshine.

Have you tried anything from Philip Kingsley before?

*This post contains PR Samples


  1. I absolutely love the Elasticizer - it's been a long time fave of mine although I didn't know it comes in a new scent now!? Loving the packaging, too!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

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