How I Make Money From My Blog

How I make money from my blog

Before I get the ball rolling, I am by know means a millionaire or even earning a full-time wage off my blog. But as the months have gone on and the level of hard work has increased, the money has improved, and it's a lil' sommat sommat to have in my bank account. I mean, if I can earn money from my hobby why not?! After announcing on twitter that I made more money from blogging this month than I ever have, I had a few comments asking me to write a blog post explaining how I did it. So, here goes...

1. Sponsored Posts
My main source of income from my blog are sponsored posts. Unfortunately, I don't have many tips on these, as many of the companies/agencies have approached me via email. However in previous months I have approached some companies and have had great success doing this. My tip would be to write a structured email, containing your stats, followers, content,  examples of photography, your rates and what service you can provide for them. You can do all this via email or make a Media Kit if you're feeling snazzy. If you're a newbie blogger and haven't been approached by companies, definitely get yourself out there and contact them! You never know what the outcome may be! I also recommend using blogger groups on Facebook such as UK Blogger Opportunities and Official UK Bloggers as brands/outreach sometimes post sponsored/gifting opportunities on there too.

2. Campaigns
I've done a few social media campaigns over the past year or so. They usually require you to post a few posts on your social media channels i.e facebook, twitter and instagram. I get 90% of my campaigns from Buzzoole, they're so easy to work with and the payment is within 30 days. They do pay you with Amazon credits, however I buy a lot off Amazon anyway and you can always transfer for cash with family or friends!

3. Instagram posts
Similarly to campaigns, I occasionally get asked about sponsored Instagram posts too. I usually include this is the sponsored post package, although sometimes they become regularly on their own. Again, approach approach approach! You never get if you don't ask. I've worked with some great companies on my Instagram due to asking. Top tip: if a company asks you to feature a product on your Instagram, it might be worth asking for payment as well as a feature. They might say no, but hey at least you asked and some times you may get a yes.

Other than that, I honestly can't think of what else to tell you. A lot of it has been due to time and hard-work. I've been blogging for 7 years, and seriously blogging for 3. I guess over the years my content has improved and my photography has definitely improved (shout out to those dark, flash taken pictures of dirty lipsticks). If you really want to make a job out of it, keep at it! Contact those companies, bash out those words, take those photos and I'm sure you'll be a blogging queen/king before you know it! I hope this post has helped some of you. If not, drop me a DM on twitter I'd be more than happy to help!



  1. Ah this post was so helpful! Thank you :) x


  2. This is brilliant, thank you. I am a new blogger and would really love some relevant sponsors for some posts. What is their expectation from you? What is the opportunity? Much appreciated

    1. Hi Beccy. You normally come up with a contract via email i.e what they want in regards of a blog post, social media content etc and then you decide on a fee!

  3. This was such an interesting post! I signed up for Buzzoole but never got round to actually properly checking it out - I probably should.

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x


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