How To Dress Your Man For The Summer

Now that Summer has finally arrived, I know the question on my boyfriends sleeve ('scuse the pun) is where can I get some more fancy mens shirts from that aren't t-shirts? I think lads really struggle with how to dress in the summer without looking too much like they've just come off the beach. Luckily, we had some style help from Hammond & Co and I must say Adrian looks very dapper indeed and I know he fell in love with the quality of the clothing, he felt very luxurious.  

Hammond & Co

Hammond & Co

Blue Wave Print Shirt - Hammond & Co - £32
Navy Bomber Jacket - Hammond & Co - £70
Dark Blue Slim Fit Jeans - Hammond & Co -  £45
Leather Holdall Bag - Hammond & Co - £170

Adrian loved the shirt so much he even wore it on our lil' trip to the Royal Victoria Docks. Although it's great material, the shirt is lightweight so perfect for the hot weather (which it was at 32 degrees!). I think it even looks good in shorts don't you think? V smart casual.

Hammond & Co

Hammond & Co

*This post is part of a Hammond & Co Campaign with Debenhams

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  1. Adrian looks great - you deffo dressed him well, girl! He looks like he could have a blog all of his own!!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x


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