Has The Internet Made Us Lazy?

I was sitting on the bus the other morning, using my Citymapper app to find the quickest re-route to work as my buses route had changed mid-journey, and a thought crossed my mind. How would I have done this without the internet? I would have been lost in London, with no map, with no way to get to work. But then, surely, before the internet, people would have been able to get places with out a map? Which then got me thinking, have our brains become reliant on the internet? Are we losing our independence and common sense due to everything now being at the click of a button? I think so..

Think about it. We urgently need a recipe for a birthday cake? Google it.  We get lost? Google maps.  We want to contact our friends? Find them on Facebook.  None of this would be available without the internet. Whereas pre-internet, we would have read the recipe in a book, bought a physical map, or even made a visit to one of our friends houses (shock horror I know).

Even when I run out of data on my phone, the anxiety kicks in. How will I stay in touch on Whatsapp? What if I need a taxi? What if I get lost? All questions are ridiculous. As if any of those things happened, I wouldn't need the internet for it. The same anxiety kicked in when me and my house mates moved into our property in London and we didn't have WiFi for 2 weeks. You know, we had to actually speak to eachother and do stuff that didn't involve the internet.

I think it's just crazy how much the internet has changed our lives.  Even businesses can now evolve with the likes of the internet, social media and e-commerce. It's even easier with companies like TalkTalk offering TalkTalk Business. Everything is now at the click of the button. Even cat videos. 

How do you use your internet?

*This is a collaborative post with TalkTalk. All thoughts are my own.
*Shout out to my house mate Kaley Kronenberger for the amazing photography. And Saira for the participation.

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