5 Things To Know Before You Rent In London

At the end of July, I secured my first graduate job in London. As I'm originally from Birmingham, I had to very quickly plan how I was going to live in London, the commute time etc. Luckily I had friends in London to help me decide what areas were cheap but safe, if I needed tentants insurance such as HomeLet and that I needed to be somewhere near a tube station. I was also lucky enough to be able to say at my two best friends house in Fulham whilst I found a place of my own. However, it wasn't all easy as pie. The first house I rented was an absolute disaster. The house mate was aggressive and took drugs. So 3 days later I exited that house and moved back ino Fulham (shout out to Molly & Saoirse you utter babes).  That very day I was back on sites like Spare Room and finally, after a stressful month, I was ready to move into my own gorgeous place in September. It's safe to say I have my #RentingRules for ensuring you find your perfect place in London.

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