5 Easy Things I've Started Doing To Make Myself Feel Better

camelbak water bottle

If any of you follow me on twitter, you'll realise I've started (or re-started for the 1-millionth time lol) my health journey.  My aim is to use 10lbs, and I'm already 3 down in a week. It's not even solely for the weight loss, it's just to make myself feel better. My self-esteem has been poor recently, my skin hasn't been great and I've felt even more exhausted than usual. So something needed to change, and with watching Love Island, lets say my motivation is high...  

Anyway, this week I've been doing a few very simple things to make myself feel better, and they've actually worked.

1. Drinking 3 litres of water a day

I've recently purchased a Camelbak water bottle and oh my god is it life changing. Without sounding strange,  the sucky thing on it actually makes drinking water faster a lot easier. Kinda feels like a dummy. Very satisfying. 10/10 would recommend.  I've definitely noticed a difference in my skin, I haven't had a spot at all this week and my scars seem less red. I also feel less hungry, although the peeing every hour thing is driving me a bit mad...

2.  Going swimming and/or the gym

Me and my house mates joined the gym a few months back, and the first month or so I was literally horrendous, I never went. But I'm getting back into it now, going around two-three times a week and I've definitely seen a difference in my happiness and self-confidence. We've also started swimming, which is great for an easier, more fun/enjoyable workout that you don't get a sweat on for.

com vita apple cider vinegar

3. Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar

This is a new one for me, but I had to give it a try as I've heard so many weight loss, health and skin benefits from it. Even benefits for your heart and a detox for your liver.  I must say, as everyone says, the taste itself isn't great. Although the Manuka honey in this one I've been trying from Comvita* does make it taste less acidic, I would still add a bit of water to your daily shot, in fact it's recommended to avoid corrosion of your teeth.  In a strange way, I can feel it go down my body, which makes me feel like it's actually working and getting rid of all the toxins.  Should be fab for a hangover...

4. Eating more vegetables and fruit

This ones such a basic one. But my usual, poor, London life diet usually consists of pasta, beans and toast and cheese.  I've made the effort to eat more broccoli, bananas and strawberries and my body is definitely thanking me for it. I don't feel as bloated and I just feel 'cleaner' if that's a thing?!

5.  Eating a decent breakfast

I'm guilty for just grabbing a piece of toast as I run out of the door,  but this week I've been trying to have a proper sit down breakfast. My go-to has been porridge with strawberries and a sprinkle of flax and chia seeds. So simple, and makes my usual porridge more tasty and crunchy. 

*This is a PR sample, but thoughts are 100% my own.



  1. Love these - going to the gym makes such a difference even if you're dreading it beforehand!!xx

    Lucy | www.lucy-cole.co.uk

    1. Yes definitely agree! The feeling after, definitely outweighs the before gym dread!


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